On the First Day of Chili, Udemy gave to me…

🎡 Inbound Routing based on IP 🎡
Using Chili Piper, Udemy were able to route leads to the right queues based on:

  • Geographic IP Data, and
  • Known Account IP Ranges

to make sure prospects were followed up with quickly by the right account owners and SDR teams – all while the prospect fills out a form on their site!

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On the Second Day of Chili, Segment gave to me...

🎡 Fast tracking prospects if they’re VIP 🎡
Segment is combining Chili Pipers Concierge tool with their own prospect data to make a fast track for key accounts.

Once a prospect fills out a form on their website that Segment recognizes as a target account, the prospect is automatically routed and scheduled with their dedicated SDR for that target account based on Chili Piper’s lead-to-account matching along with Madkudu’s Fastlane product.

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On the Third Day of Chili, Conga gave to me…

🎡 Not organising event meetings on a spreadsheet chaotic-ally 🎡
Conga used Chili Piper’s Events solution at Dreamforce this year to organise their meeting room spaces and pre-book meetings with their reps before the event even started!

By moving from Spreadsheets to Chili Piper, they were able to make sure that they made the most from their Dreamforce attendance.

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On the Fourth Day of Chili, Avalara gave to me…

🎡 Live calls from your website successful-ly 🎡
Avalara Avalara is using Chili Piper to allow qualified prospects to call their sales team right from their website!

By filling out the form, Chili Piper routes the prospect to the right team or existing owner and, if someone is available, connects them with the prospect live within seconds!

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On the Fifth Day of Chili, PatientPop gave to me…

🎡 Managing Client Handoff Automatically 🎡
PatientPop are using Chili Piper to manage their whole prospect lifecycle, from Organizing Demos to Client Onboarding to Customer Success.

Using Chili Piper workflows, PatientPop ensures the success of their customers by automating the onboarding and Customer Success handoff, giving their CS managers more time to help their buyers and less time manually distributing accounts

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On the Sixth Day of Chili, Weave gave to me…

🎡 Self-scheduled Onboarding Calls with Meee 🎡
Weave integrates Chili Piper into their desktop app to schedule customer meetings with their team depending on where they are in the onboarding cycle.

The customer can self schedule their onboarding times directly from the app to get the help they need when they need it.

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On the Seventh Day of Chili, Deputy gave to me…

🎡 Giving Trial Users Upgrade Opportunity 🎡
Deputy uses Chili Piper inside their iOS app to enable customers to discuss upgrading to a premium solution.

Once a user requests an upgrade in-app, they are able to schedule a time for an upgrade with their local office. Chili Piper makes managing meetings across time zones a breeze with its intelligent scheduling solution.

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On the Eighth Day of Chili, Workplace from Facebook gave to me…

🎡 Booking meetings from their chat-bot (the integration is free!) 🎡
Workplace from Facebook uses Chili Piper to qualify and schedule meetings with their customers right from their chat-bot!

Once a user has filled in the necessary information and is deemed qualified, Facebook routes them to the right calendar and let’s them schedule a meeting live from their custom chat-bot.

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On the Ninth Day of Chili, NinjaCat gave to me…

🎡 Get live support over video instantly 🎡
NinjaCat allows their users to get customer support over video with just the click of a button!

Using their logged in account information to route the user to the right team, customers can start a two way video call with a customer support representative instantly from their website.

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On the Tenth Day of Chili, Gong gave to me…

🎡 A Conversion-Rate Improvement Chili Case Studyyyy 🎡
Gong were an early adopter of Chili Piper and used us in for their on-site demand generation to great success. See how Gong used Chili Piper to improve form conversion by 70% and fast tracked their best leads in our Case Study available here:

Case Study

On the Eleventh Day of Chili, Square gave to me…

🎡 Post Sales Implementation handoff made stress-free 🎡
Square uses Chili Piper to intelligently manage handoff from Sales team to Implementation teams without any hassle.

Using Chili Piper, Square customers are able to book time with their implementation specialists easily and automatically by routing them to the right person behind the scenes.

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On the Twelfth Day of Chili, Chili Piper gave to me…

🎡 Happy Holiday Wishes to Your Friends and Family 🎡
The Chili Piper team would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!

A huge thank you to all of our customers and prospects, it’s been an incredible year and we’re excited to keep the momentum going into 2020.