Chili Piper vs. Jifflenow vs. SummitSync

By Scott Haney

Chili Piper vs. Jifflenow vs. SummitSync

Eager to connect with prospects at trade shows and conferences? Good!

Because in-person events are among the most popular and consistent ways for B2B companies to win and close leads.

And the easier it is to manage your face-to-face meetings, the better.

But meaningful event meetings are about more than a speedy set-up. 

From understanding your team’s calendar to managing meeting room details and attendee expectations, there’s a lot to juggle. This is especially true if you’re trying to keep track of multiple reps at multiple events simultaneously.

That’s exactly why a platform like Chili Piper can be a game-changer.

Our event management platform handles the heavy lifting when it comes to booking, tracking and organizing meetings at trade shows and conferences.

We often get asked how Chili Piper stacks up against platforms like Jifflenow and SummitSync.

And hey, we’re more than happy to answer. 

The breakdown below highlights how Chili Piper helps companies generate 2-3x more sales meetings and what specific features set our solution apart from the competition.

Check-in Calendar

Managing your events starts with having a bird’s eye view of your reps and attendees’ schedules.

Because let’s be honest: conferences can be chaotic. Rather than sift through endless email chains, calendar alerts and text messages, companies should strive to keep all the key details of their emails confined to a single platform. 

Chili Piper’s check-in calendar makes it a cinch to see who is checked-in and scheduled for a meeting at any given event. We also highlight which reps are available for additional bookings at a conference versus reps who are totally booked up.

Anything that makes a conference or event less stressful is a plus. For example, the check-in calendar enables your events manager to track show attendance so they don’t have to chase down reps post-event to see who attended. 

With Jifflenow, users are able to select internal and external attendees in their event calendar, matching them to available meeting locations and time slots. 

In SummitSync, teams can see meeting details in a calendar view broken down by event. Meeting data for the event calendar can be synced with your CRM as the calendar automatically updates when any changes are made.

Meeting Room Management

Whether it’s securing a space or confirming a particular room can accommodate a particular meeting, managing rooms can definitely be a headache.

For example, let’s say you’re forced to switch up spaces in the middle of an event with only a few hours notice.

Bummer, right? But hey, it happens.

Chili Piper makes it easy to monitor and manage meeting rooms, including room availability and capacity. Whether you need to accommodate a few dozen attendees or a few hundred, our platform empowers teams to create and edit room locations in a snap. 

Syncing with your check-in calendar, you can instantly update the time or location of a meeting if a change is indeed necessary. Attendees are notified immediately via notifications, keeping everyone in the loop.

Jifflenow likewise allows users to track meeting room space and availability. The platform also provides detailed analytics of meeting room utilization. This includes how many hours a room was utilized and which spaces went unused. Our platform makes for simple, on-the-fly reassignment of reps or available meeting spaces if necessary.

SummitSync lets users see all meetings and on-site activities broken down by event or meeting space. This includes available locations, who’s checked-in and available for a room and how any given space is being utilized. Users can keep track of and change meeting room details in the case of overlap or a double-booking.

Executive Briefings

Consider how many meetings your leads are bouncing between at any given conference.

Spoiler alert: a lot.

Anything you can do to make your meetings more actionable and impactful is a point in your favor.

Ask yourself: what’s the goal of this meeting? What should the key takeaways be for attendees? 

Through executive briefings, you can clearly define the “why” of your meetings and likewise temper your leads’ expectations. By highlighting action items and the details of your meetings, you’ll reduce potential questions and prove to attendees that you respect their time.

And if nothing else, executive briefings serve as both a refresher and reminder to attendees of who you are. When your leads are running from room to room, it’s nice to have your company’s details spelled out in black and white.

Below is an example of an executive briefing in Chili Piper.

Jifflenow also offers meeting briefs and printable agendas, as well as post-briefing reports. SummitSync offers executive briefings as part of its enterprise plan.

SMS and Email Reminders

The common thread between attendees at trade shows and conferences is that they’re crazy busy.

Sending reminders to attendees serves as a simple “nudge” to reduce no-shows. Doing so is also sort of a courtesy to help people keep their schedules straight when they’re at an event.

And given that everyone’s glued to their smartphones, both SMS and email reminders can do the trick. Both features are baked into Chili Piper.

With our platform, you can also customize your texts and emails based on your company’s messaging. Once you’ve put together a template that works, you can send it time and time again for future events.

Note: we’ve actually managed to reduce our own no-show rate to less than 5% with a seriously simple event reminder template.

Timing matters when it comes to your reminders, too. With Chili Piper, you can send reminders to specific teams and attendees at a specific time prior to a meeting (think: an hour before). 

Meanwhile, Jifflenow’s solution includes notifications as part of their mobile app and can integrate with third-party SMS platforms.

SummitSync has built-in features that allow for SMS reminders and meeting confirmation. Beyond that, the platform’s mobile functionalities include note-taking and meeting recaps which automatically sync to Salesforce.

Attendee and Group Team Management

Again, keeping track of who’s running or attending a meeting shouldn’t be a game of tag.

Instead, reps should be able to quickly hand off responsibility and seamlessly move from meeting to meeting with their schedules spelled out to the rest of their teams.

Chili Piper makes team coordination a matter of point-and-click, with the event dashboard serving as your central hub for event management.

Teams can clearly see how many meetings are booked broken down by time, account, guest and meeting room(s).

Reporting and analytics in Chili Piper allow teams to assess their overall performance at an event. This includes meeting sales goals and targets specific to a meeting or event.

Jifflenow provides a simplified view of meeting details including location, attendees and rooms booked.

Jifflenow also offers a breakdown of overall meeting performance and metrics. This includes total meetings, daily check-ins and an attendee leaderboard.

SummitSync has features to help track event ROI as well. This includes individual and overall team data. The platform breaks down which prospects closed and likewise hold reps accountable for their performance at an event.

Manage Rep and Meeting Room Availability

Let’s say you need to move reps around with short notice or need to shift rooms because of a change in availability.

Again, it’s no sweat with Chili Piper (pun-intended),

With just a few clicks, you can take charge of your reps’ schedules. This sort of ease of access ensures that you never run into double-booked rooms by accident.

Jifflenow lets users manage meeting rooms based on capacity, availability and location. As noted, their meeting room dashboard and data is comprehensive and provides for both a bigger-picture and room-by-room breakdown of venue space.

SummitSync clearly highlights scheduling conflicts per rep and room, providing suggestions for available times and locations where there are no conflicts.

G-Suite and Outlook365 Calendar Integration

Conventional wisdom tells us that most sales and marketing teams are spending a ton of time in their inboxes, right?

That’s why having an event management platform that integrates with G-Suite and Outlook365 makes so much sense. Chili Piper does exactly that.

These features make your meetings can’t-miss as they’re automatically scheduled in your attendees’ preferred email client upon booking. No extra legwork required, either.

Jifflenow syncs with Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar to reduce scheduling conflicts. Meanwhile, SummitSync is capable of integrating with Outlook365 and G-Suite.

Team and Individual Scheduling Links

Your team members work hard to win leads and keep your meeting rooms full, right?

As a result, you need to make sure that they’re getting proper credit for their hustle. 

Likewise, companies should be able to see which reps and campaigns result in the most bookings.

Chili Piper provides attribution to teams booking meetings and the campaigns they’re tied to. Our meeting scheduling links can also be generated and shared just about anywhere (think: via email, SMS or Slack).

Ease of Use

We’re proud of what Chili Piper’s platform is capable of, but perhaps what’s most notable is just how easy it is to use.

At a glance, you can see everything you need to know about an event, reps and attendees within a single dashboard. This includes individual rep activity and the overall ROI of your events. 

Chili Piper doesn’t require a huge learning curve, either. Between our simple navigation, drag-and-drop functionality and seamless integrations with other platforms (think: Salesforce), getting your company on board happens sooner rather than later.

Oh, and the beauty of Chili Piper’s platform is that it’s totally self-service. In other words, you don’t have to request a team build out your event structure: you can start booking and managing events ASAP.

Tentative Calendar

Having a fully booked calendar for an event is usually good news, but teams should also leave room for “what-ifs” and tentative meetings.

This allows for opportunities to schedule timely meetings as an event draws closer. In short, you’re not putting yourself in a situation where you can’t meet with a potential client or lead because you and your reps’ schedules are full.

That’s the purpose of Chili Piper’s tentative calendar, providing a place to organize and plan for meetings that aren’t on the docket yet. 

This provides a sense of flexibility and preparedness for your reps, all the while allowing you to attend valuable meetings last-minute. Also, a tentative calendar allows events managers to quickly hop in and reassign meetings to their desired sales reps attending an event.

Salesforce Campaigns Integration

Chili Piper’s Salesforce integration automatically creates and updates campaign members, meaning that your event calendar and Salesforce campaigns are in sync.

But more importantly, you can break down attendance and the number of meetings at an event. This can help you understand how effective an event was for the sales team, highlighting that event’s ROI. Our instant booker allows reps to pre-book meetings for an event directly in Salesforce.

Jifflenow lets users schedule meetings within Salesforce via buttons and custom links. Like Chili Piper, their platform lets users to share data through meeting requests and likewise generate reports and dashboards based on meeting data.

SummitSync’s Salesforce integration syncs with users’ calendars. The platform’s meeting notes and confirmations are automatically logged into Salesforce as soon as they happen. In other words, attendees and hosts can recap meetings quickly and in real-time.

Host Group Events

“Hey, how about we talk more over drinks later?”

All too often, conferences result in events within events.

Whether it’s a customer party, happy hour or a company dinner, Chili Piper allows you to schedule and plan for these sorts of “sub-events” as well. 

This encourages your contacts to prioritize your parties over others, cap off your post-conference festivities and, above all, keep your schedule in check.

Meeting Request and Approvals

Especially when you’re managing massive meetings, you may run into situations where you need to pick, choose and prioritize who actually needs to attend versus who can. The ability to pass the approval process off to someone else means that you don’t have to leave your attendees hanging.

For example, let’s say a group of external executives want to book a meeting and you aren’t around to handle the request. With our platform, you can assign admins to do it for you.

Chili Piper allows for both manual and automatic meeting requests and approvals, letting you manage your workflows and ensure that the right people are at your event meetings. This way, your team’s admins can monitor all requests and oversee who needs to be approved and who doesn’t.

The Ability for Sales Reps to Pre-Book Meetings at Events

Want to start planning and booking events well before dates and times are confirmed for a conference? 

Chili Piper can make it happen. Having your events and meetings calendars pre-built makes it easier to start scheduling actual meetings when you’re ready. This can give you “first dibs” with important event attendees and prioritize your reps’ schedules accordingly. 

With our platform, Chili Piper allows reps to book meetings with reps at specific meeting rooms rather than just serve as a placeholder. The ability to set these meetings up in advance means less work on your to-do list leading up to a conference.

Which Event Management Software Makes Sense for Your Team?

Every team has different needs based on their size, scope and budget.

However, if you’re really looking to step up your presence at trade shows and conferences, Chili Piper has you covered

From landing face-to-face bookings to making sure that your events are run efficiently, our platform manages to balance serious functionality with ease-of-use.

Either way, we appreciate you doing your homework on the event management tools out there! If you’re interested in what else Chili Piper can do to help you book more meetings and convert more leads, feel free to get in touch with our team.

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