Cloudbeds Secret Weapon Books 33-50% More Demos From Their Inbound Leads

Cloudbeds creates browser-based hospitality management software that simplifies the working lives of hoteliers.

Cloudbeds is a global company with 50+ sales people based around the world. Matthew Parry (Director of Marketing @ Cloudbeds) and his team wanted prospects to have a demo of Cloudbeds in their country’s language.

They had a system in place to handle this, but lost about 20% of customers through the booking process. So Matthew wanted something faster and easier to manage to be really effective. That’s when he tried Chili Piper.



33-50% increase people completing the demo booking process.

Improved the scheduling process being able to send reminders, track no-shows, and provide people with easy rescheduling links.


Chili Piper dramatically sped up the time it took for Cloudbeds leads to book a demo.

Chili Piper presents scheduling options in the language matching each prospect's country.

Meeting automatically scheduled on the calendar for the lead and the rep, plus automated reminders sent out ahead of meetings.

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