DiscoverOrg Increases Conversions of Leads to Qualified Meetings by 138% with Chili Piper

DiscoverOrg is the leading global marketing and sales intelligence tool used by over 2,500 of the world’s fastest growing companies to accelerate growth.

DiscoverOrg’s sales development team implemented Chili Piper to eliminate sales follow up time and decrease no-shows to meetings.


138% increase conversions to qualified opps from inbound leads.

33% increase meeting completion across all inbound meeting.

115% quota attainment inbound sales team due to Chili Piper.


One-click bookings from Chili Piper eliminated back and forth emailing.

Sent automated intelligent reminders based on prospects’ conditions of acceptance.

SDRs route meetings to the correct AE with a single click. No more spreadsheets and cross communication.

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