How Grow Used Chili Piper to Improve MQL to Demos Scheduled by 75%

Grow gives your business a clear view of what’s driving revenue and where the bottlenecks exist in beautiful visualizations

When “more leads” is the typical pathway taken to increase marketing contributed pipeline, TJ noticed a bigger opportunity: the demo request to demo scheduled rate was only 30%-40%. If he could reduce this bottleneck, he could massively grow pipeline with existing lead volume and budget.

To solve this, TJ did two things. Using Grow’s pipeline analysis dashboards, he cut budget from channels that were generating leads, but not converting to pipeline. Second, he reduced the number of steps a prospect has to take to schedule a meeting from eight steps to three.

By implementing Chili Piper Concierge, qualified prospects can now schedule their demo directly on their lead form with one click.


+75% increase demo meeting schedule rate.

+70% of prospects raising their hand

...are actually scheduling with Grow and giving their sales team more at bats.


Chili Piper cut down the previous 7-8 step demo scheduling process down to 2 clicks.

Chili Piper presents scheduling options engaging interested prospects directly on Grow's site.

Meetings are automatically scheduled on the calendar for the prospect and the rep with automated reminders sent out ahead of meetings.

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