How Justworks Used Chili Piper to Scale Their Sales Team

Justworks is an HR-based platform that automates payroll, benefits, and compliance.

Andrew Froning is the Strategic Sales Development Manager at Justworks. Andrew adopted Chili Piper to scale out the sales team and help his reps be a lot more productive.




Increased productivity

... by allowing reps to focus on their job instead of wasting time in spreadsheets.

Fair distribution

... of meetings set by SDR's for AE's.


Distribute leads from SDR's to AE's based on sales districts and territories.

Calibrated so that AE's who get no shows are reallocated a new meeting, keeping things fair.

Smart reminders ahead of meetings to keep prospects engaged.

Andrew Froning

I'd rather have my reps on the phone dialing, setting up that next meeting, and closing that next deal rather than getting frustrated with where the next Excel cell needs to be filled out.

Andrew Froning

Strategic Sales Development Manager @ Justworks

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