How Mode Uses Chili Piper to Convert Free Trial Users into Qualified Sales Meetings

Mode is an analytics platform that helps data driven teams analyze, visualize, and share data.

The marketing team at Mode wanted free trial users who were interested in their premium platform to be able to easily schedule meetings with a rep.



Complete visibility

...into the black box that was their demo request funnel.

Better user experience

...for prospects who want to go from free users to paid users.


Free users can schedule time with Mode's team straight from within the Mode app.

Qualified leads are shown the availability of the correct sales rep to book a meeting in real time.

Calendar invite is sent to qualified leads as soon as form is submitted - eliminating the chase by SDRs.

Jason Alafgani

Chili Piper is a great way to give a solid user experience when a prospect is in the marketing funnel. It gives you so much information into your marketing funnel to allow you to optimize to allow you to care about that user even more.

Jason Alafgani

Digital Marketing Manager @ Mode

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