How ServiceTitan Improved the SDR to AE Handoff Process & Slashed No-Show Rates

ServiceTitan is a mobile, cloud-based software platform that helps home service companies streamline operations, improve customer service, & grow their business.

Kevin Dorsey heads up Sales Development & Enablement at ServiceTitan. Kevin had tried everything to distribute meetings fairly and accurately from his SDR’s to AE’s – the dreaded spreadsheet system, Salesforce automation and a bunch more – before he finally found Chili Piper.



10-15% increase

... in scheduled meeting show rates with smart reminders.

Evened pipeline distribution

... giving every rep what they needed to hit quota.

Eliminated spreadsheets

... and made life easier for everyone on the sales team.


Distribute leads from SDR's to AE's based on each reps pipeline goals, while factoring in things like vacation and performance.

Smart reminders ahead of meetings to keep prospects engaged.

Book meetings while they're on the phone with prospects to qualify them (no back and forth after the meeting just to schedule the next step).

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