How Simplus Used Chili Piper to Improve Meetings Attributed to Events by 300%

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When “Umm, I’m still working on it” is the typical response when asked about marketing-generated opportunities from Events, Wayne knew he could do better. The pre-event booking process was error-prone. Meetings and attendance were slipping through the cracks, and he had to chase down each sales team member to get visibility on their activity at the event.

To solve this, Wayne did two things. Using Chili Piper’s automated scheduling, sales rep’s pre-event booking activity was recorded directly into the CRM. Second, onsite check-in and rescheduling were handled in Chili Piper’s check-in calendar and synced in real-time allowing him to run reports for executives right from Salesforce.

By implementing Chili Piper Events, Events Marketers can seamlessly track and record each rep’s activity before, during, and after an event, easily proving ROI.


+300% increase meetings attributed to events

+50% reduction in soft costs saving time onsite managing check-in and rescheduling and post-event data entry and analysis.


Chili Piper cut down on pre-event booking mistakes like double-bookings and timezone mixups.

Chili Piper’s check-in calendar made last-minute onsite changes a breeze ensuring each meeting was logged to Salesforce.

Meeting activity is automatically recorded from start to finish in real-time on the calendar and in salesforce allowing you to quickly run reports to prove ROI.

Wayne Bulsiewicz

They help me look like I'm a star because I'm giving management the numbers that they want to see. Really, we're getting a partner in Chili Piper rather than a product.

Wayne Bulsiewicz

Senior Marketing and Event Manager @ Simplus

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