Chili Piper Events

Meeting automation software for event marketers

Automatically schedule, coordinate, and track in-person meetings at conferences and tradeshows.

Say goodbye to manual scheduling challenges and convert more event meetings into revenue.

Fill your reps’ calendars before each event

Make it easy for buyers to pre-book event meetings on your website or equip reps with personal booking links.

Replace your spreadsheets with automated scheduling

Automatically coordinate availability between your reps and meeting spaces to make scheduling quick and easy.

Easily manage meetings on the event floor

Keep tabs on every meeting happening at your event with our intuitive dashboard for event managers.

Capture everything in Salesforce

Track check-ins and no-shows while keeping everything synced with your event campaign in Salesforce.

Drive more ROI from your next event


They help me look like I'm a star because I'm giving management the numbers that they want to see. Really, we're getting a partner in Chili Piper rather than a product.

15% increase in revenue

Wayne Bulsiewicz

Senior Marketing and Event Manager @ Simplus

Before Chili Piper, event meetings were all over the place, but now we're able to deal with a massive volume of people walking through our door and a mass volume of meetings in a seamless fashion.

15% increase in revenue

Sara Koppes

Senior Marketing Operations Manager @ Sendoso

Drive more revenue at every event with these features

Calendar integrations

Integrate with GSuite and Outlook365 to coordinate rep calendars in real time

Salesforce integration

Add event leads to a Salesforce campaign to report on pipeline and revenue.

Team-wide booking links

Make event meeting scheduling easy with event-specific links that any rep can share over email.

Placeholder calendars

Capture all meetings in a single calendar that can be distributed later.

Group events

Easily manage happy hours, dinners, or special group events.

Manage room availability

Coordinate meeting spaces to eliminate double booking.

Meeting approvals

Automate meeting approval workflows for internal and external meeting requests.

Email + text reminders

Reduce no-show rates and have more productive sales meetings.

Chili Piper integrates with your favorite marketing and sales tools

Start generating more sales meetings from in-person events