How does your customer onboarding stack up?

Is your current onboarding the best it can be? Is there room for improvement in your time to value? When was the last time you stopped to think about your current onboarding? Take this quiz to see how your onboarding stacks up.

Follow the questions below to assess the current state of your onboarding experience. And based on your results, we’ll give you customized, actionable tips to try or implement.

How does your sales to customer success team handoff happen?

Manually – The process could be better

Manually – The process is fine for now

With some automation

It’s fully automated

When a customer signs their contract, how long does it take to schedule their kickoff call?

1-2 days

3-4 days

5-6 days

6+ days

Do you have a templated agenda for your kickoff calls?




What sentiment are you focusing on establishing in your average kickoff call?





A mix of all

I haven’t thought about it

After kickoff, when does your first check-in call occur?

Usually the same week

The following week

Upon customer’s request

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