Chili Piper, the Sales tech pioneer known for its smart scheduling solutions, announced today the launch of the first email inbox specifically designed for account executives and account managers.

While Account Executives use CRM for Sales tracking, they spend most of their time in Gmail or Outlook. These latter general-purpose tools are designed for consumers. They do not take advantage of the context salespeople operate in or cater to their specific needs. As a result, Sales reps waste time coordinating with their teams answering prospect questions and updating their CRM in separate tabs or apps. The numerous email plugins available to salespeople are all just partial solutions. By combining emails with messaging, CRM integration, and task management, Chili Piper’s Inbox takes a radically new approach that results in unprecedented increases in sales rep productivity and effectiveness.

“Our smart scheduling solutions have been incredibly successful at connecting sales reps to their prospects instantly, resulting in a huge increase in conversion rates in the early part of the Sales funnel,” said Nicolas Vandenberghe, CEO and Co-Founder of Chili Piper. “Now we’re addressing the later parts of the funnel, enabling revenue teams to collaborate most effectively to help their prospects and convert their pipeline faster.”

Chili Piper’s Inbox provides the following features:

● A main email view that shows only account-related emails to apply focus and eliminate clutter
● The ability to share and re-assign emails among sales team members
● Instant messaging for discussion within the Inbox
● Easy access to all account related CRM information in a separate panel
● The capability for Sales Managers to implement task management and execution via templates, checklists and suggestions

The new solution is part of Chili Piper’s platform that also includes smart scheduling and calendar applications, and is being used by thought-leading companies worldwide including Facebook, Twilio, Intuit, Gainsight and hundreds more.

Visit to learn more about the new Inbox.