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Chili Piper vs. Drift: Friends or Foes?

As a SaaS company serving a wide range of B2B revenue teams (we love you all dearly), we often get compared to other B2B SaaS products — one of which is Drift. 

And that’s not surprising. I mean, have you seen the latest martech landscape supergraphic?  Revenue tech is a confusing space, filled with thousands of solutions that can help your team drive growth in different ways.

So we wanted to clear up any confusion.

In this post, we’ll be tackling two questions: 

  1. How is Chili Piper different from Drift?
  2. If we already use Drift why would we need Chili Piper?

Basically, some people are wondering — are Chili Piper and Drift competitors or do the two businesses serve distinct markets?

Let’s start with how Chili Piper is different from Drift.

How is Chili Piper different from Drift?

First, let’s deal with some basics. 

Both Chili Piper and Drift are SaaS apps built for marketing and sales teams — integrating with your website, converting inbound visitors, all in the name of “revenue acceleration”.

This simply means that Drift and Chili Piper are taking different approaches to help customers get to revenue faster. Each product solves a specific sales and marketing problem, aka revenue.

What problem is Drift solving? 

Drift is trying to solve a problem they call “Revenue Acceleration” with tools like chatbots, video, and email automation.

According to the Drift website, they will “Bring your go-to-market teams together to deliver personalized customer experiences that increase your revenue, shorten your sales cycles, and strengthen your brand.”

What problem does Chili Piper solve?

Chili Piper is the #1 Inbound Revenue Acceleration platform, solving problems around speed to lead, conversion rate optimization, and simplifying the routing and scheduling of meetings

Chili Piper customers allow leads to schedule meetings directly from their website and enable sales teams to book meetings in seconds from wherever they work.

Other key differences:

There are a few other things to consider when comparing Drift and Chili Piper.

Website Forms

Chili Piper: Enables visitors to book a meeting directly from any form on your website. Upon form submission Chili Piper qualifies, routes, and schedules with the right rep on your team.

Drift: No integration with any forms, Drift collects all information via chat. (Cue the 2019 Drift mantra “Forms are dead.”)

Meeting Scheduling

Chili Piper: Allows users to embed custom suggested times in emails and book meetings in one-click from anywhere with Instant Booker. Queues allow for dynamic routing, advanced round robin, and multi-person meetings.

This same automated process can also be triggered from chat, marketing emails, and even from inside your product.

Drift: Basic scheduling functionality as part of a larger suite of tools. Requires a redirect upon booking and does not support advanced routing.

What you need to know about Drift

Drift is a suite of products and tools to engage customers at every stage. They became popular with their chatbot feature initially and now have their hand in everything from video, chat, account scoring, meetings, prospecting, email, AI, etc.

Here’s Drift’s take…

Forms are dead. MQLs are dead. The future is conversational marketing.

Drift wants to be your one-stop-shop for everything your sales and marketing teams do.

What you need to know about Chili Piper

Chili Piper is focused specifically on Inbound Revenue Acceleration, which means specializing in inbound, speed to lead, scheduling distribution and automation. 

Chili Piper makes it possible to instantly connect buyers and sellers across any channel or buyer journey stage.

Revenue, faster.

Chili Piper helps revenue teams connect with buyers faster. 

Chili Piper boosts conversion rates and pipeline by decreasing speed to lead and automating meeting scheduling.

Need a refresher on how Concierge works?

So are Chili Piper and Drift competitors?

Yes and no. 

If you’re looking to convert inbound visitors and are debating whether to do it via forms OR chat, then YES.

But if you’re looking for the best way to convert inbound leads across all channels, then NO.

Whenever a prospect or customer approaches us discussing Chili Piper vs Drift for their team, it is almost always about Chili Piper’s Concierge feature vs. using a chatbot like Drift.

It’s worth noting, Chili Piper  has customers who are getting a lot of value from using both Chili Piper and Drift. 

There are generally two schools of thought when it comes to modern inbound marketing: 

  1. Those who use forms on their website (ie: request a demo, contact us, etc.) to gather a prospect’s information when they are interested in your product or service.
  2. Those who don’t.

Basically, the issue is forms or chat. 

Most companies choose to use forms for their high-intent visitors and several also utilize a chat app for answering questions, nurturing return visitors, customer support, and other communication (*ahem check out for an example*). 

In other words, you can use both forms and chat.  

However, there are some users who rely on chat exclusively for lead qualification and scheduling.

Our data, and our customers’ conversion rates, would suggest that forms are certainly not dead but that is a philosophical debate for another time (or another blog). 

Most of the time what any “Chili Piper vs. Drift” question boils down to is: forms, chatbot, or both?

How Chili Piper and Drift play nicely together

So what about the majority of sales and marketing leaders out there who see the value of both forms and chat? 

These are the leaders who recognize that they are working hard to drive traffic to their website and that those visitors may be at varying stages of the buying journey. Naturally, they want to engage them in a way that serves them appropriately.

Different visitors = different intent = different way to engage.

When it comes to your sales and marketing strategy, there are several channels you can use, chat being one of them. Because Chili Piper integrates with all channels, it naturally integrates with chat tools like Drift.

I’m sure you can think of a hundred different use cases for optimizing both chat and forms. One of our favorites we’ve seen so far is courtesy of our friends over at Emotive (link to case study), who leverage Chili Piper Concierge on their schedule a demo form and also use Drift for a unique “second chance booking” use case.Emotive  has a “schedule a demo” button front and center for those most interested and with high intent. They also have a chatbot that prompts visitors to view a pre-recorded product demo.

  1. Emotive has a “schedule a demo” button front and center for those most interested and with high intent. They also have a chatbot that prompts visitors to view a pre-recorded product demo.
  2. Emotive has some specific qualification criteria that helps their team know who will be a great fit. They use Chili Piper to automatically qualify and route those leads to the appropriate team member. 
  3. Those who don’t meet the qualification criteria are sent to an Emotive page with a recorded demo and a chatbot that collects additional information and allows them to self-qualify based on a few other factors. If appropriate, they are then given a Chili Piper smart booking link via Drift to schedule a demo.

Because of this they are converting inbound leads at 80%.

Clearly, there is a place for using both chatbot and forms.


As the world becomes more digital, more remote, and the way that buyers interact with your company changes, it’s important to remember that every phase in the customer journey matters.

Deciding how to engage your buyers can make a huge impact in their experience with you as well as in conversion rates, and revenue growth.

Want to see how you could optimize your inbound lead conversions with Chili Piper and your chat tool?

The best way to make the most informed decision regarding Chili Piper is to schedule a demo. If this article has raised detailed questions, our sales team is fully equipped and eager to answer any and all of the questions you may have.

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