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Lead Distribution Showdown: Chili Piper’s Routing vs LeanData vs Distribution Engine

Chili Piper’s Concierge enables prospects to connect in real time or schedule a time with a rep after filling out a form. To find the right rep, Concierge includes routing. Concierge will also route the few prospects who exit the page before triggering a call or a meeting.

We often get asked how this routing functionality compares versus other platforms that companies are using to route and distribute their leads.

In particular, many people want to know exactly how we stack up against the likes of LeanData and Distribution Engine – with the understanding that these two solutions are focused on routing Salesforce records and do not trigger calls or book meetings.

Although our routing features and functionalities may seem pretty similar on the surface, we know that different businesses have different needs. Each platform has respectively its strengths, weaknesses and specialities, all of which we’ve broken down throughout this post.

The chart below offers a quick overview of each solution and what they have to offer. If you’re interested in the nitty gritty of each platform and how they approach lead routing, read on to see our in-depth breakdown beneath the chart.

  Chili Piper Distribution Engine LeanData
Installation Type API Salesforce package Salesforce package
Lead/Contact Distribution
and Routing  
Account owner  
Related opportunity  
Opportunity owner   
Related contact   
Contact owner   
Lead owner   
Related lead   
Booked by user   
Lead source   
Round robin  
Case object   
Custom objects    
Account owner  
Related opportunity  
Opportunity owner   
Related contact   
Contact owner   
Lead owner   
Related lead   
Booked by user   
Lead source   
Round robin  
Case object   
Custom objects    
Account owner  
Related opportunity  
Opportunity owner   
Related contact   
Contact owner   
Lead owner   
Related lead   
Booked by user   
Lead source   
Round robin  
Case object   
Qualification, Routing and Scheduling
for Forms 
Yes No No
Qualification, Routing and Calling from Forms        Yes No No
Lead/Contact Assignment Rules     Yes Yes Yes
Lead/Contact Assignment Reporting  Yes Yes Yes
Distribution Weights   Yes Yes Yes
Account Matching Yes Yes Yes
List Import Routing No No Yes
No No Yes
Lead Qualification Yes Yes Yes
Lead Reassignment Yes Yes Yes
New Lead Notification
for Reps
Yes Yes Yes
Real Time Assignment of Leads Yes Yes Yes
Pricing $25/mo per user (scheduling only)
$50/mo per user (scheduling and phone)
$200/mo platform access fee for form integration
$25/mo per user (premium support 20% extra) Not publicly available – contact sales team for pricing

Qualification, Routing and Calling from Calls

Here’s where Chili Piper sets itself apart from the other lead distribution tools – the ability to schedule calls directly after someone fills out a form.

Through Chili Piper’s Concierge feature, you can immediately get on the phone with prospects to get the ball rolling ASAP. Prospects are given the choice between a call and a meeting based on their preferences and are then assigned to to your sales team.

Your team can set and update their availability throughout the day so they aren’t surprised by any calls out of the blue. Calls are distributed evenly among team members via round robin.

Conc CP

Less waiting for your prospects, more conversations for your sales team. Chili Piper’s Concierge again encourages swift action that’s represents a win-win for both parties.

Qualification, Routing and Scheduling from Forms

Here’s another point where Chili Piper stands apart from the pack.

Rather than pull data from Salesforce, Chili Piper’s Concierge is capable of qualifying, routing and scheduling meetings with leads directly from form entries.

In other words, you can match your hottest leads to your most qualified sales team members directly after someone fills out a form – and while they’re still on your website. This translates into immediate action.

This results in saved time, more meetings booked and less back-and-forth among your sales team. Concierge’s back-end empowers your team to pick times that work for them and also confines your lead management in one place.

This approach to managing leads guarantees that meetings happen in a timely manner, encouraging your prospects to take their next step versus playing the waiting game.

And combined with all of the Chili Piper’s features noted throughout this comparison guide, your leads are seamlessly routed to the right people.

Lead/Contact Distribution and Routing

{“type”:”block”,”srcClientIds”:[“e709ce5d-cdd9-45f0-84f0-7a06816a78d2″],”srcRootClientId”:””}All three tools are capable of distributing leads based on the following parameters established by your business:

  • Account owner
  • Related opportunity
  • Opportunity owner
  • Related contact
  • Contact owner
  • Lead owner
  • Related lead
  • Booked by user
  • Lead source
  • Territory
  • Round robin
  • Qualification

Beyond the options above, Distribution Engine also allows for lead distribution based on cases.

DE Case and Custom Objects

Lead Assignment Rules

To ensure that your leads are assigned to the right members of your team, detailed rule-setting is a must-have for effective routing.

From location to number of employees to the individual experience levels of your team members, each platform allows you to customize your rule sets accordingly. While each platform might look slightly different, the end-game here is essentially the same: get your leads where they need to go.

Chili Piper Assignment Rules

Chili Piper offers a straightforward setup of your rule logic based on custom parameters like the ones noted above.

Routing Rules CP

LeanData likewise offers similar sorts of rule-setting, with a visualized workflow to illustrate the journey of how leads are routed from Point A to Point B.

LD Visualization

Distribution Engine’s routing works based on Salesforce assignment and workflow queues. Leads are assigned based on a tagging system, where appropriate leads are assigned to sales reps based on relevant tags.

DE Tags

Installation Type

Perhaps the biggest difference between the three platforms is time to value.

LeanData and Distribution Engine are Salesforce packages which need to be installed by an administrator. This process could take weeks (or months) to install depending on the back-and-forth between Salesforce and your sales ops folks.

On the flip side, sales teams can get up and running with Chili Piper in a matter of hours. Access to the Salesforce API is granted via OAuth 2.0, so it’s a 3 click process that takes a few seconds.

Nice, right?

And of course, Chili Piper does integrates with Salesforce to store your data and even book leads directly.

Chili Piper Salesforce

Lead Assignment Reporting

With any lead distribution tool, you’ll need analytics to help you spot trends and improve your routing processes.

Chili Piper gives your team a bird’s eye view of all of your meetings via analytics, including no-shows and a breakdown of your team’s activity in Salesforce.

Chili Piper Dashboard 1

LeanData’s reporting provides of a log detailing the lifecycle of individual leads, including how they were assigned and whether or not they ended up converting.

LD Lead Report and Audit Log

In addition to Salesforce reports, Distribution Engine boasts daily logs and long-term trend reports. This includes data such as who’s qualifying the most leads and when they’re doing so.

DE Long Term Trends

Distribution Weights

Just like not all leads are created equal, neither are the members of your sales team.

Appropriate distribution weighing ensures that the volumes of leads coming to your sales team make sense based on their workloads and levels of experience. For example, businesses can bump up the weights of senior sales reps while newcomers might need to be dialed back as they learn the ropes.

Chili Piper allows you to quickly adjust the weights of active assignees based on their experience.

Chili Piper Weighting

You can also edit the calibration of lead distribution in Chili Piper to account for bad/fake leads, and to have full insight into how meetings have been distributed to your sales team.

Chili Piper Dashboard

LeanData’s weights can be adjusted with the help of a sliding scale.

LD Round Robin and Weighting

And similarly, Distribution Engine’s weighing is done via a sliding scale as well.

DE Weighting

Account Matching

Let’s say you have a lead come through who’s part of an existing account in your CRM. In this case, it would make sense to treat this person like a warm lead versus someone who’s just learning about you for the first time, right?

This is where account matching comes into play. All three tools offer account matching based on your CRM data to help get accounts to their owner (if the account has one), save reps time from having to search for dupes, and keep your Salesforce data clean.

List Import Routing

In the case that you need to upload a list of leads from outside of your CRM (say from a trade show), you can do in both LeanData and Distribution Engine. Leads are then routed based on your respective distribution rules.

That said, Chili Piper takes a slightly different approach to trade show leads that’s definitely worth checking out.

Duplicate Lead Merging

LeanData’s platform is helpful for companies with a ton of duplicate records in Salesforce. Their tool allows you to automate duplicate lead merging.

Lead Qualification

Simply put, all three tools use Salesforce data to determine whether or not a lead is qualified.

That said, Chili Piper can take additional data and fields from your forms to further determine where to send leads.

Lead Reassignment

Perhaps you realize that a particular lead would be better suited for someone else on your team.

Or maybe an SDR has qualified someone and now they’re ready to speak with an AE.

All three platforms allow for automatic and manual reassigning, giving you a sense of control over where your leads need to go.

For the sake of convenience, Chili Piper allows businesses to reassign leads within Salesforce, Google Calendar, Office365 and Outlook Calendar events.


pasted image 0 3


pasted image 0 2


pasted image 0


pasted image 0 1

As noted, LeanData has optimized, visual workflows to guarantee that leads are reassigned appropriately.

LD Routing Flow Optimized

Meanwhile, Distribution Engine allows users to set automatic rules for reassigning in the case that a lead needs to be shifted to someone new.

Auto Reassign DE

New Lead Notifications for Reps

Timeliness matters when it comes to following up with leads. Additionally, your sales team shouldn’t be kept in the dark or get hit with an unsuspecting call without prior knowledge.

In order to keep everyone in the loop, all three platforms provide email notifications concerning new leads so nobody flies under the radar.

Real-Time Assignment of Leads

Rather than force your sales team to play the waiting game in regard to data, each platform tracks your sales activity in real-time. This means that you have a constant pulse on your lead activity at any given moment.

For example, Chili Piper automatically updates Salesforce data as soon as a meeting is obtained through Concierge. The data is tracked and stored accordingly.

Chili Piper Realtime Data

LeanData and Distribution Engine similarly offer real-time assignment status and reporting themselves.


Lastly, let’s talk about price tags.

Chili Piper’s Concierge service, featuring form integration with advanced lead distribution is $200 per month. There are two additional pricing options based on your business’ needs: Mild users (scheduling-only) for $25 per month and Hot users (scheduling and phone) for $50 per month.

Chili Piper Pricing

Distribution Engine’s platform costs $25 per month per user for their base service. Their “premier” package which includes email, phone and prioritized support costs 20% extra.

DE Pricing

LeanData’s pricing information is not publicly available: if interested, you’ll need to get in touch with their sales team.

How is Your Team Handling Leads?

For the sake of efficiency and closing more leads in less time, a robust routing system is a total game-changer.

And although any three of these tools can get the job done, Chili Piper’s speedy setup and ability to translate form submissions directly into meetings and calls are where our service manages to shine.

If you’re interested in what else Chili Piper can do to streamline your routing process or give your closing rate a much-needed boost, feel free to get a personalized demo with us today.