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Quick Start with Instant Booker

Welcome to Instant Booker!

In this guide, we'll walk through the three ways to start booking meetings with Instant Booker. 

Book with the Chrome extension

One of the best ways to start booking meetings is through your chrome extension. Think of this as your "hub".

If you haven't downloaded the Chili Piper chrome extension yet, you can do so here.

Book with "My Booking Link"

Your booking link is connected to a default meeting type that we've set up for you. Your booking link can be copied from here and put into emails or linked in your email signature for people to instantly book with you eliminating any back and forth and saving you the time of sending a calendar invite. If you want to book with or for other colleagues keep reading 🙂

Book with "Instant Booker"

This is especially great to use if you're on a call with someone and want to book a meeting with them. Just put their email address in and click Book 🎉.

A window will open (just like when you suggested some times to book with Mr. Chili) where you can change the guest's timezone to make it easy to find mutual availability that suits their needs. 

Click Continue to Calendar - this is where you can customize the details of the meeting.

Learn about workspaces, how to automatically add or update contacts in Salesforce, and add team members to Chili Piper in our "Use Instant Booker with Your Team" guide.

Book with "Suggested Times"

Look for the  in your Gmail compose window (pssst - check more tools  if you don’t see it) . Select some availability and insert the suggested times into the body of your email. People can select from the suggested times (and they usually do - 3x as much in fact) or view your full calendar for more availability.

Complete your Details

This will automatically customize your meeting invite templates with your info. 

Click on the cog in the upper right of Instant Booker and navigate to Personal Details to start. 

  1. Set up your personal details - to automatically customize your meeting invite templates with your info
  2. Set your working hours - to ensure no one books with you too early or too late
  3. Connect your meeting software - to automatically create and apply a conference link to each meeting invite

Quick note on Conference Software. If you gave us your zoom/video call link when you signed up, you'll see this Conference Details under Personal Details. You can pull this link into your meeting types if you always want to use your personal conference link. 

If you want a new link generated for each meeting, then connect your conferencing software in the Integrations tab.


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About the Author

Marie Lunney is the Director of Digital Customer Success at Chili Piper. Her goal is to drive our customers to success through digital programs. In her spare time, she enjoys a spicy margarita and tending to her plant babies.

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