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How Instant Booker Helped Buildertrend Eliminate Scheduling Chaos - Chili Meetings - Instant Booker

Before Chili Piper, the process of scheduling meetings with prospects and customers at Buildertrend was best described as “chaotic.”

Madeline Anderson, Business Operations Administrator at Buildertrend, describes reps constantly being overbooked to the point where missing meetings became a regularity.

As a result, BDRs had to waste time creating reminders in their own calendars to chase down reps and make sure they attended upcoming meetings.

With over 300 users across their organization, Buildertrend now uses Chili Piper to streamline scheduling at every stage of the buyer journey and make their customer experience truly unique.

As Madeline puts it, “When they go through the sales process it looks the same to book a meeting, when they go through the training process it looks the same to book training, and so the ease of use and the consistency for the customer has been the one of the best parts of using Chili Piper.”

Through the use of Instant Booker and Chili Piper’s automated routing, Buildertrend reps can book meetings in a single click and stop worrying about manual reminders or overbooking. They also use Suggested Times to let prospects and customers confirm meetings over email in one click.