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How PatientPop Used Chili Piper to Automate Their CSM Accounts Assignments

Chloe Jillings, Manager of Customer Success at PatientPop, knew that her team’s process of assigning new accounts was broken. Managers were having to dig through Salesforce reports and manually assign accounts to CSMs while ensuring the workload was evenly distributed. This caused costly delays and potentially missed accounts.

Since implementing Chili Piper, the PatientPop CS team has been able to fully automate their account assignments. They created separate meeting queues based on criteria like the number of providers on an account, number of locations, partner status, and ARR, in order to automatically assign accounts to CSMs with the right experience and available bandwidth.

90% of PatientPops accounts now launch through a Chili Piper queue, meaning their “growth strategy call” is immediately scheduled on their calendar at the moment they finish implementation. This has increased CSM and CS manager productivity, allowing them to focus on strategically helping customers.