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How Chili Piper Helps Roofstock Save Their Sales Team an Hour of Admin Time Every Day

Roofstock gets hundreds of leads every day that need to be qualified, routed, and scheduled with the right rep.

Before Chili Piper there was a lot of wasted time routing and re-routing a contact to the appropriate owner in Salesforce which created a lot of confusion across the entire org and slowed down the sales cycle.

Manual processes like SDR to AE handoffs were done one-off via Slack and nothing was automated.

Alaia, who handles Sales Ops and Strategy, realized this problem was leading to slower speed to lead and reps spending more time on manual admin work instead of connecting with buyers.

After the team at Roofstock implemented Chili Piper, they saw immediate results in allowing their leads to schedule directly from their website, no longer needing to re-route contacts to the appropriate owner, and saving everyone on the team valuable time.

Now Chili Piper is helping Roofstock increase their speed to lead by automating the scheduling and live-handoff process so the right person can connect with their high value leads as quickly as possible.