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How Workato converts 75% of their qualified leads

Inwoo Wong is the Director of Growth at Workato, an application integration, and workflow automation company. 

He discusses how implementing Chili Piper at his organization has had a direct impact on their company’s bottom line.

Before Chili Piper

Inbound leads are one of Workato’s biggest revenue-driving channels, and while their conversion rate was decent at around 40-55%, Inwoo knew it could be better.

Workato used a couple of different scheduling vendors before implementing Chili Piper, and Inwoo thought that there wasn’t much to a scheduling tool. 

He quickly learned that’s not the case. Things get very complex when you introduce routing into the mix.

Routing based on zip code

Workato’s process is to route leads on a zip code level, and Chili Piper was able to support this. 

“You can tell that Chili Piper is a product where they really thought through all the corner cases.” 

By allowing inbound leads to instantly book a meeting on the right rep’s calendar, Workato was able to increase the number of booked demos by 50%. 

Improving show rates

Workato is also able to improve show rates using Chili Piper. By turning on Slack notifications for the marketing team when a lead no shows, they are able to quickly send reminders via LinkedIn. 

This helps them increase their number of held meetings, leading to more opportunities and new business. 


Now Workato sees a 75-80% conversion rate. This increase in conversion rates has a massive revenue impact. So far they’ve seen a 10-15% increase in revenue just by optimizing the process.

“I think our approach really paid off by just optimizing what we are already getting, rather than going out and spending more money,” says Inwoo.

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