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Now is the time for tough conversations Dangerously Misleading: Conclusion Within my lifetime, "computer" has gone from someone's job title to being the often invisible machinery that eases everyday life. Computers didn't automate everyone out of a job. Instead, they rescued us from the endless tedium of data collection and entry so we could engage in more meaningful and satisfying pursuits. It's the same story for calendaring and inbound lead generation. More sensible meeting-booking tools offer any company with a website a way to deliver a more satisfying user experience, and to connect buyers with a qualified sales expert right away, with better tracking to boot. The question is not whether streamlining your inbound funnel is a good idea. It is happening. The many interviewees featured in this book are ahead of you on that. Rather, the question is how long do you think you can hold out not doing it in an increasingly competitive digital world? Learn more about streamlining your inbound at ChiliPiper.com. Chili Piper's scheduling app easily integrates right into your existing marketing and sales stack so you can get up and running in hours. About Chili Piper 21

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