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RevGenius Webinar: Inbound Lead Conversion

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RevGenius Webinar: Inbound Lead Conversion 2 pressure on these departments and resources. Becc 1016 Viewing Inbound from Sales Centric Mentality: Looking at what's good for sales vs what is good for prospects. What we are solving for in the inbound process: making sure they are qualified, that AEs don't waste time, that we are routing led to right rep, to make sure SDR gets credit; all of this is not taking into account what buyer wants "The Demo is the last step for the buyer" Forrester report talks about multiple steps buyers take. Start off with peer to peer, then go to industry influencers, review sites, and the last variable to get info is the DEMO. By the time they have come inbound they have self- educated. We are slowing them down when they are ready to buy or at a minimum take a look at the product Becc 1230 on Speed to Lead "You should not get a gold medal for getting a prospect to talk to an SDR within 5 mins. You know what's faster than reaching out to them in 5 mins? Scheduling them on the spot" The gold standard should not be that I get to talk to SDR that asks me brutal qualifying questions that aren't going to tell if they have a need. How many items did teams buy last year that didn't have budget allocated to them? Rapid Fire Problems with Inbound 1530 Craig: absolute crazy obsession with the perfect lead prior to any lead setting foot near your company. Its a fallacy you can't Mark: friction - filling out multiple form fields, captchas. Imagine you went to a mall to buy something and you replicated current inbound qualification process. Making sure they fill out a form to ensure they have legs & feet to ensure you can buy these jeans and shoes? Becc: conversion rates are extremely low from people that are asking to see product to them actually seeing demo. She sees 1525% conversion. Even if

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