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Introducing Chili Meetings Spicy: The Meeting Lifecycle Automation Tool For Revenue Reps

We’re introducing two new plans for revenue teams (Free and Spicy), with more robust booking links and the first-ever Meeting Lifecycle Automation tool for reps, allowing teams to automate and track every buyer interaction in their CRM. 

The act of booking a meeting is still way harder than it needs to be. There are still too many hoops to jump through, back-and-forth emails, and unnecessary effort expected from our reps, prospects, and customers. 

More importantly, the majority of meetings booked by revenue teams are still not automated

To you Calendly users out there — Unless a customer books through your Calendly link, you can’t benefit from automated invites, reminders, and data entry in your CRM. 

Chances are, your revenue teams still face many of these issues today:

  • You book most of your meetings from scratch in GCal or Outlook
  • You have no-shows or need to manually send meeting reminders to guests
  • You have to manually update your CRM (or chase down team members to do it)
  • You don’t have a complete picture of every customer interaction in your CRM

That’s all about to change. 

Our new Spicy offering gives revenue teams, from startups to large enterprises, a complete meeting automation solution for their reps. All for just $15/user/month. 

Continue reading to learn more about Chili Meetings Spicy and some of the exciting new features in our latest release!

A better booking link solution for revenue reps 

We’ve noticed this new trend or stigma against booking links — to the point where they’re now almost seen as bad business etiquette. 

Booking Etiquette – Curated tweets by JasonOak

But think of it — you work so hard to get the attention of a prospect and get them interested in a meeting, then you throw your booking link at them and expect them to do all of the work. 

Sending prospects and customers your booking link, even with the best intentions, is now seen as some sort of business power move that’s more rude than helpful. 

But our meeting automation platform, Chili Meetings, is different.

We’ve taken a smarter approach to booking links that remove many of the painful steps in the booking process. We’ve also added some exciting new tools to help get your links in front of more prospects and customers, in the right way. 

One-click booking for contacts in your CRM

Most booking links sent through tools like Calendly still require your guests to fill out a form at the end of the booking process — an annoying step that decreases your conversions. 

With Chili Meetings, our Spicy and Hot users can send Smart Booking Links to any existing contact in their CRM, trimming the booking process down to a couple of clicks at most. 

You can send Smart Booking Links in personal emails or include them in marketing emails to instantly convert leads into booked meetings. 

New: Smart Signatures

We all know how much of a pain it is to manage email signatures across your revenue team. Those problems are now a thing of the past. 

Our Free and Spicy plans now include Smart Signatures. This new feature makes it easy for anyone to create a beautiful email signature that automatically includes their Smart Booking Link. 

For teams on our Spicy plan, admins can automatically create and deploy smart signatures across their entire team. Updating team-wide email signatures with new messaging and branding is now a breeze. 

With Smart Signatures, the recipient of an email automatically has their email address appended to the link. As a result, they can book in one click and skip having to complete a form at the end. That means less friction and more conversions for your revenue team. 

New: Personal Pages

Most scheduling tools give each user a basic landing page to list all of their booking links. But how many actually share that page? 

With our Personal Pages, we wanted to create something that reps would actually be excited to share. Each rep now has their own online portfolio. This is a chance to showcase their individual brand as a revenue professional. 

Reps can link to their social profiles, share a bio, showcase the logos of the companies they’ve worked with, and include testimonials. This makes Personal Pages something that reps will actually want to promote and share. 

And since each Personal Page includes all of a rep’s personal booking links, it gives them a greater opportunity to book meetings. 

Instant Booker, the only meeting automation tool for reps 

Until now, meeting automation has existed primarily in booking links. 

Reps have always been able to share their availability, but the onus has been on the customer to book the meeting. That’s previously been the only way to reap the benefits of automated workflows, like reminder emails, templated invites, and writing to your CRM. 

In a world where every meeting is successfully booked through your booking link, that’s great. But that’s not the reality. 

More often than not, a rep just needs to book a meeting independently. Like when they’re on the phone with a customer and need to schedule a follow-up meeting on the spot. 

In these cases, most reps are still using Google Calendar or Outlook, which means a ton of valuable meetings are not being automated or captured in their CRM. 

But not anymore. All Chili Meetings users now benefit from the first rep meeting automation tool, Instant Booker. 

Instant Booker makes it easy to book automated meetings from anywhere — emails, GCal, Outlook, Chrome browser, Salesloft, Outreach, and more. 

Reps now have the advantage of complete automation around every meeting, including templated invites, reminders, one-click rescheduling, no-show management, and CRM updates. 

Book one-click meetings through email with Suggested Times

When it comes to scheduling through email, trade-in your booking link for Suggested Times. With Instant Booker, you can embed smart suggested times in the body of your email. 

We automatically retrieve your prospect’s contact data from the email, so when they click a time, the meeting is booked automatically. No additional steps required. 

We actually ran an A/B test on sending Suggested Times versus booking links and saw a 13x increase in the number of people who booked.

New: Instant Bookings from Google Calendar

For Google Calendar users, it’s now easy to book all of your meetings with Instant Booker without having to leave your calendar.

Now, every meeting can be fully automated with invites, reminders, rescheduling, and CRM data capture.

The only solution that captures every buyer interaction in your CRM

Until now, scheduling automation tools have fallen short in their ability to help revenue teams  track every meeting in their CRM. 

Tools like Calendly only capture meetings that are booked by prospects and customers through booking links, but this excludes any meeting booked by the rep. 

As a result, productivity takes a huge hit across revenue teams. Reps are on the hook to manually update their CRM, while managers and RevOps need to constantly chase down people to ensure they can accurately report on every meeting. 

But with Chili Meetings and Instant Booker, revenue teams can now automate and track every meeting. 

Reps can stop wasting the time it takes to manually update their CRM, and revops can finally have peace of mind knowing that their CRM is accurately updated with each meeting. Both parties get time back in their day, allowing them to work more efficiently and bring in more meetings, and therefore revenue.

Chili Meetings also includes robust reporting. We capture information on every event booked, rescheduled, canceled, reassigned, and held. We also have no-show management built into every meeting invite. 

Who is Spicy built for?

Our new Spicy plan is perfect for revenue teams that don’t need automated routing or instant inbound scheduling. Spicy is the perfect solution for teams that need a complete, full-cycle scheduling tool.   

Teams include: 

  • Sales
  • Account Management
  • Customer Success
  • Customer Support
  • Product Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Partnerships
  • Recruiting

Luckily, Chili Meetings allows organizations to have multiple workspaces to support their various teams. 

Some teams might need the power of our Hot license, with automated routing and instant inbound scheduling, while others may just need Spicy, a powerful scheduling tool for booking their own day-to-day meetings with prospects and customers. 

You can now accomplish it all in Chili Meetings.