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Lead Distribution Software: Saving Time and Increasing Revenue

Lead distribution software is a sales game-changer.

Through intelligent capture methods, filtering, and distribution, lead distribution software tools are a boon for growth. What’s even more amazing is how easy is it to integrate lead distribution systems with existing sales funnels.

Interested in exploring how lead distribution and tools can improve your bottom line? Dig into our guide!

What Is Lead Distribution Software?

Lead distribution software is a lead routing that qualifies prospects in real-time. With its integrations, the software pairs with pretty much any form used in your ad and marketing funnel.

Lead distribution software is built on:

  • Capture — Front-end forms and tools to integrate its features into the sales funnel. It will also include notifications and messaging to prepare reps to engage leads. Plus, follow-up elements to add additional feedback to the captured lead and their information.
  • Routing — Prospects enter through an online form that includes qualifying elements. The prospect’s information funnels into a database where it’s categorized. This information is forwarded to a salesperson based on criteria that make them more likely to engage.
  • Distribution — Customizable criteria route leads to appropriate team members. These factors could include a sales rep’s expertise, location, proximity, knowledge, and more. It does so in real-time using advanced round-robin ruleset, assignments, and ownerships.
  • Ownership — Reminders, follow-ups, and reporting. These are features baked into the lead distribution software that empowers your sales team. Knowing how and where leads are going also presents an easier way to track and optimize the process!
  • Reporting — Robust reporting and analytics help you understand every touchpoint. Each salesperson can access these reports. Or, compile all of them to get a broad (but detailed) understanding of your team’s performance.

Think of lead distribution software as a screening tool in front of the marketing funnel. It brings on hot leads from the get-go and ensures they’re connecting with the right reps.

The Benefits of Sales Lead Distribution Solutions

Capturing and routing leads is an obvious benefit of using lead distribution solutions. But, what are some of the other great things you’ll get from it? Consider the following.

Save Time

Imagine the traditional way of qualifying leads:

  1. Building a funnel to capture them
  2. Setting up forms to gather data
  3. Qualifying leads and conducting initial inquiries
  4. Classifying leads and manually distributing them to sales reps
  5. Interacting with the prospect, keeping notes, and setting up follow-ups

At any time the prospect could lose interest in what you’re offering. Worse, they go through the whole process and get on the phone with someone that completely blows it. Now everyone’s time was wasted.

Sales lead distribution software, on the other hand, qualifies leads in real-time. It takes in information from the form, routes it through the system, and pairs it with the appropriate team member. This happens in an instant, removing many steps where a prospect could back out.

Lead distribution software often comes packaged with form builders and other CRO tools. Plus, integration with other systems means you could set up fast. Another time-saver is how these tools are accessible anywhere, so there’s no downtime!

Boost Conversions

Inbound and CRO marketing reign supreme in the world of sales. This departure from traditional strategies creates a friendly experience between lead and reps. Because of engagement, a prospect may feel more inclined to explore what your business has to offer.

Inbound and CRO strategies, like lead distribution, streamlines the funnel. It makes the experience snappy and engaging because it thrives on real-time engagement.

Our very own Chili Piper Concierge has shown a 75% increase in conversion rates. Lead distribution software makes this possible because qualifies prospects in real-time. It then routines prospects to your rep, and locks in their booking.

Now you have a prospect committed to the sales call. Given your salespeople are effective, this means you’ll increase conversion rates. Combined with other CRO strategies and software users will see a constant stream of leads and sales opportunities.

Choosing a Lead Distribution Software Solution

There are several factors you should consider when shopping for lead distribution software. Knowing the one you picked covers all of your needs means easy onboarding. You also don’t run into pains from changing providers midway into campaigns.

What features should you consider? Try:

  • Real-time Capabilities — Qualifies a lead and routes them in real-time
  • Distribution Logic — Smart routing to the right sales reps
  • Integrations — Easily ported into business tools like CRMs
  • Pricing — Affordable, scalable pricing that’s adaptive to your growth
  • Reporting — Top-level insights to improve performance and conversions

There are many lead distribution software solutions on the market. Yet, not many of them have easy integration and robust solutions as offered by Chili Piper. See what our software delivered for other companies with our customer case studies.

Lead generation and distribution software are ideal for:

  • Sales teams situated around the country or globe
  • Businesses with dozens of products and services
  • Sales departments with a unique cast of characters

The software is great for businesses small to large. But, it truly shines when you have an established marketing funnel since it builds off of it. Likewise, you want the tool to empower salespeople by building off their skills vs treating it as if it’s just a CRM.

How to Get Started with Lead Distribution Software

There are two elements of making lead distribution software work well:

  • Have a rock-solid lead strategy
  • Have the right tools of the trade

Success with lead distribution depends on how well the sales manager(s) handle the strategy. 

The Lead Distribution Strategy

The lead distribution strategy begins by choosing the distribution method:

  • Push-based — Prospect details and contacts are pushed into a sales rep’s queue
  • Pull-based — Sales reps pick up leads they find in the sales pool when time permits
  • Free-for-all — Any sales rep can jump in and claim leads (first come, first served)

The ideal selection is a push-based system that uses intelligent criteria. If you’ve been paying attention then you understand that lead distribution software handles this. Tools, like ours, use advanced round-robin rules, territorial assignments, and account-based ownership.

Get the sales response to under 5 minutes and you could see sales increase by almost 400%!

Here is how the process could go:

1. Capture

Determine the best ways you’ll capture lead details:

  • Contact forms
  • Appointment bookings
  • Lead incentives
  • Referrals
  • Content embeds
  • Advertising

How you’re capturing the leads will set the tone of the contact. Work with your team to find the easiest solution to inject lead capture. The tool should complement your inbound tactics.

2. Qualify

Two things are happening at this stage of development:

  • Knowing how you’ll categorize and filter leads based on interests, needs, and details
  • Setting rep requirements like location, experience, expertise, and availability

You may want to set up two pools. One of these pools will contain prospects you have information on. The other pool will be a general one where you know very few details.

Use this time to coordinate lead funnel sources with the data you’re trying to collect. Likewise, get to know your sales team and who are the top performers. This lays out everything needed to then figure out how leads get distributed to the team.

3. Distribute

Determine which distribution model you’ll follow.

As noted, a round-robin may be the best to start with when leveraging a lead distro tool. But, you could try a pull system if it’s closer to that which you already use. A hybrid model combining push, pull, and free-for-all methods may prove positive for larger teams. Or, if your business captures a high volume of leads. 

Leveraging the Lead Distro Tools

The final piece of this puzzle is connecting the distribution tool.

The onboarding process varies depending on which developer you chose. Yet, it’s usually streamlined to get you up and running with the software in a few days. This gives you and the team ample time to understand how the systems work and to hash out kinks in the strategy.

  • Encourage Top Performers — Get your salespeople engaged with the tool and its methodologies. Ask for their opinion and feedback on how to better integrate it into the funnels. And, find ways they can contribute and help newer, less experienced sales professionals with these tools and tactics.
  • Run Tests and Roll-out Optimization — Use the feedback and analytics to refine your sales and marketing funnel. Use the distribution tool’s data to improve its qualifying process and how leads get handled. Try split testing forms and scripts, and then use what works best.
  • Work with Developers — Devs can tailor aspects of their tool to your liking and needs. So, work with them to refine their offerings. This is also a great point to get insights and guidance for the tool’s best practices.

You and the team will have a great understanding of the tool before long. The distribution tool will become critical to your business’s success. And, your sales will show it’s ROI as more and more prospects are receiving the speedy service they seek and desire.

Grow Your Pipeline with Chili Piper

The best lead distribution software is one that integrates with your team’s abilities. We believe we’ve created the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. No doubt, Chili Piper’s Handoff capabilities will prove fruitful.

Try Chili Piper today to see how you can start qualifying and routing prospects to the right teams when they’re most engaged:

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