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How Directive uses Chili Piper to Improve Pipeline Efficiency and Velocity

Directive is a digital marketing agency based out of Austin, Texas that drives search marketing results for mid-market & enterprise brands around the world. 

Brian Bui, Digital Marketing Manager at Directive, gives a great walkthrough for how Chili Piper has improved pipeline velocity and management through Concierge's lead capture and routing automation.

Before making the switch to Chili Piper, Directive used Calendly to manually follow up with leads to book meetings once a form submission came through their Hubspot CRM. Once an opportunity was created in Salesforce, it was impossible to tell if leads had booked a meeting. This process was time consuming and confusing for the reps.

Now with Chili Piper, Directive is able to qualify leads based on existing form fields. Upon form submission, qualified leads are able to instantly book a meeting with the right rep with Chili Piper's intelligent routing rules. All of these activities are seamlessly captured back in Directive's CRM.