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How Mixpanel Converts 75% of their Meetings with Chili Piper

Mixpanel is a self-serve product analytics solution that enables teams to easily analyze how and why people engage, convert, and retain—in real-time, across devices—to improve their user experience. 

Before Chili Piper:

  •  The number of booked meetings dropped off at 30-35% with a traditional lead capture cycle.
  • Inbound leads were captured through different web forms and then imported into Salesforce. Mixpanel then used LeanData to route leads and trigger automated Outreach sequences on behalf of the assigned rep to book a meeting.

After Chili Piper: 

  • Within one month of deployment, Chili Piper’s Concierge product converted 75% of inbound leads into meetings - that rate has steadily held between 70 - 75% ever since. 
  • Mixpanel customers now book meetings directly after submitting web forms, increasing their speed to lead.
  • Smart routing rules reduced inbound noise by qualifying leads and sending them to the right rep in real time. 
  • Sending email reminders a day, an hour and a few minutes before meetings has decreased no show rates.

“Having those meetings booked immediately with prospects has freed up a lot of bandwidth for our team and, especially with COVID-19, bandwidth is key. Chili Piper has really helped us streamline the entire inbound lead capture and outreach process, and allowed us to focus our resources on more important and meaningful work for our business.”

- Wyatt Tucker,  Senior Growth Operations Manager at Mixpanel.