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Dark social, self-reported attribution, how we ruined gated content | Sidney Waterfall @ Refine Labs

In the latest episode of Demand Gen Chat, I spoke with Sidney Waterfall, VP of Demand at Refine Labs. The agency works with growth-stage B2B SaaS companies and puts out a ton of content sharing their learnings. We cover some topics that have been all over LinkedIn feeds lately; dark social and how to use it to drive demand, and how marketers can actually use all the data you collect from self-reported attribution to make business decisions. Show Notes: Follow Tara: Follow Sidney: (ask her if she’s started making TikToks yet!) Follow Nick Bennett: Subscribe to Demand Gen Chat: Apple: Spotify: About Demand Gen Chat Demand Gen Chat is a Chili Piper podcast hosted by Tara Robertson. Join us as we sit down with B2B marketing leaders to hear about the latest tactics and campaigns that are driving pipeline and revenue. If you’re looking for tactical ways to improve your marketing, this podcast is for you!