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Lead scoring is broken, customer success marketing, Slack communities | Hana Jacover @ Madkudu

In this episode, we chat with Hana Jacover, Director of Demand Gen at MadKudu. We will cover the importance of getting lead scoring right for your org, the oversight of customer success and marketing team alignment, and the underrated insights that can be gleaned from digital communities. Hana mentions Luvvie Ajayi Jones who is an ex-tech marketer turned published author. Subscribe to Demand Gen Chat: Apple: Spotify: Follow Kaylee: Follow Hana: Learn more about Chili Piper: Demand Gen Chat is a Chili Piper podcast hosted by Kaylee Edmondson. Join us as we sit down with leaders in marketing to discover the key to driving B2B revenue. If you want benchmarks or insights on trends in the market, this podcast is for you!