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Webinar: Moving to hybrid and in-person meetings using Marketo and Chili Piper

Sales wants qualified leads that turn into new business NOW! So when someone fills out that all-important Marketo form on your website that says, “I want to speak with you,” it’s our duty as Marketers to get the information that we need and pass the ball on to Sales while our momentum is hot. But wait, there are a few questions here: 1. Who is the right person to host this meeting? 2. Are there any ongoing opportunities with other members of this firm? 3. When is everyone who needs to be on this call available to meet? In today’s Marketo User Group, we’ll go into a live Marketo instance and a Chili Piper instance and talk through the integration between the two platforms and some of the considerations that Marketo Administrators to evaluate as they’re implementing Chili Piper into their own marketing stack. Speakers: Michael Tucker - Founder of Conversion Store Gaines Murfee - Sr. Manager of Customer Onboarding at Chili Piper