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What successful ABM teams have in common & the problem with direct mail | Hillary Carpio @ Snowflake

In this episode of Demand Gen Chat, I chatted with Hillary Carpio, Director of ABM at Snowflake. Hillary leads an ABM team of 18 marketers that support 100s of sales reps across North America and Latin America. We talked about how her team works cross-functionally to drive success with their ABM programs, how they measure ABM at Snowflake, and why ABM is no longer just display ads and direct mail. Show Notes Follow Tara: Follow Hillary: Subscribe to Demand Gen Chat: Apple: Spotify: About Demand Gen Chat Demand Gen Chat is a Chili Piper podcast hosted by Tara Robertson. Join us as we sit down with B2B marketing leaders to hear about the latest tactics and campaigns that are driving pipeline and revenue. If you’re looking for tactical ways to improve your marketing, this podcast is for you!