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Let’s See More Women in Sales #BreakTheBias

Apply to work at Chili Piper: Women are hugely underrepresented in sales. According to a study from Gartner, women only represent 19% of sales leadership. But according to HubSpot, women are 5% more likely to close deals. Something seems off here… 🤔 We created this video to share the challenges, successes, and badassery of some of our awesome female sales reps and SDRs here at Chili Piper. It’s time to #BreakTheBias and show how awesome women can be — in sales, in tech, in engineering, and in anything they set their mind to. Let’s do this 💪 If you want to work alongside these badass women salespeople, at a company where 50% of leadership is female… apply to Chili Piper!