How Influitive Leveled-Up Their Inbound Marketing Engine to Accelerate Growth

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Influitive powers the world’s most engaging customer communities with a mix of industry-leading customer advocacy tools, expert services and training with intelligent automation, gamification, and personalization features. 

They already had a very strong marketing motion. But they wanted to implement a repeatable and scalable ABX motion. This involved launching an ABM-focused, omni-channel campaign to accelerate pipeline creation and engagement within target accounts.

That’s why they reached out to Heinz Marketing.

Building an ABX motion for predictable pipeline

The first thing Heinz Marketing did was conduct an audit of Influitive's marketing and sales approach. And they found they needed to strengthen the foundations of their marketing engine.

This included identifying the sweet spot in their target market and defining the buying committee. 

Then, Heinz Marketing interviewed various Influitive team members — from leaders to ICs on customer-facing teams — to really understand the pain points of their target audience for a solid messaging piece.  

Once this foundational blueprint was in place, an ABX multi-channel marketing campaign was developed to test the foundations and the processes with the sales team. 

With a lean team, it was crucial to prioritize marketing and sales alignment to allow them to work more efficiently. Focusing on pulling the right target accounts into the funnel in a more consistent, predictable way to improve the quality of leads and opportunities, leading to more wins. 

79% conversion rate? Yes please

With their marketing foundations in place, Influitive launched its ABM campaign designed to engage leads and accounts with a brand-new approach.

Now that they were driving the right traffic to their website — they needed to make sure they were converting them to pipeline. This meant optimizing their conversion rate from form fill to booked meeting. 

Heinz Marketing helped Influitive embed Chili Piper’s Form Concierge into their “Request a Demo” form, so prospects could schedule a demo immediately after submitting the form.

The results? A 79% conversion rate from form fill to qualified booked meeting. 

In other words, 8 out of 10 people who filled out a form successfully booked a meeting with a sales rep. When the industry average is just a 30-40% conversion rate, that’s pretty impressive.

Predictable pipeline, higher conversions

With Heinz Marketing support, Influitive’s marketing team monitored workflow efficiency, made sure the right target account members were being engaged, and channel budgets stayed within range. 

Chili Piper was an instrumental part in implementing this scalable and repeatable motion that considerably improved the quality of leads and opportunities leading to more wins for Influitive. 

Getting the right processes and systems in place helped Influitive’s team to be more efficient and effective.

Heinz Marketing ( helped Influtive to implement this framework as part of a bigger ABM focused, omni-channel campaign.

About the author
Madeleine Work

Madeleine Work is Product Marketing Manager at Chili Piper. She loves bringing people together, learning new things, and making hilarious jokes. When she's not typing away at her laptop, you'll probably find her running, hiking, or hanging out with her baby. Follow Madeleine for laughs and product marketing tips on LinkedIn.

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