How Chowly Wins and Onboards 300+ Customers Monthly with Chili Piper

Our Impact
We’re launching 275 to 300 new restaurants every single month. These are quick, fast deals, and so we needed a system that could really keep up and keep pace with us and do it for us.

-Alex Carstens, Director of RevOps at Chowly

Overcoming Manual Hurdles with Spicy Automation

Before Chili Piper, Chowly's process of managing inbound leads and onboarding new restaurants was labor-intensive and slow.

Reps were manually chasing prospects down to book a meeting — resulting in a lengthy sales cycle and customer dissatisfaction. 

On the new business side, they made two changes that took lead-to-opportunity conversion time from 4.5 days down to 3 days (a 33% increase). 

First, they implemented Form Concierge to capture and book meetings with prospects in real-time directly from their website.

Instead of reps manually calling a prospect to get them to book a meeting, the prospects were booking a meeting with reps immediately after filling out the demo form. 

Then, they used Handoff to transfer leads to the appropriate sales or onboarding representative. No more back-and-forth scheduling = a much quicker sales cycle. 

After an Opportunity is marked Closed Won, what happens? 

At Chowly, they use Distro to automatically assign the account to a Customer Success Manager.

As soon as an Opportunity is marked “Closed Won” in Salesforce, Distro routes and assigns the CSM, notifies them via Slack, and adds new account info into their Customer Service Platform

Chowly's Customer Onboarding Flow with Distro
“I love Distro as much as I can love a piece of technology!” 

As a result of this automation throughout the entire sales cycle, restaurants are going live on Chowly just 6 days after form submission.

That’s down from 14 days before using Chili Piper.

Transformative Results: From Lead to Launch

The impact of implementing Chili Piper was clear, and Chowly saw some spicy results, all across the funnel:

  • Lead conversion rates from form fill to booked meeting increased by 10%, going from 65% to 71%.
  • Reduction in the lead-to-opportunity conversion time from 4.5 days to 3 days, resulting in a 33% faster sales cycle.
  • Decrease in the time from form submission to a restaurant going live on Chowly from 14 days to 6 days, resulting in a 57% faster lead-to-launch time.
Chili Piper is more than a lead routing tool. It’s not just a calendar link. We’re using it post-sales. We’re using it full-cycle. You can do that with Chili Piper.” 

Chili Piper: A Full-Cycle Solution

Alex Carstens emphasizes that Chili Piper has become integral to Chowly's entire operational cycle, not just as a lead routing tool or scheduling link but as a comprehensive full-funnel system that supports the entire customer journey from sales, to onboarding, and customer success.

“I know once we stand it up, wherever we're looking to go next, it's just going to do what we need it to do. To me, the best piece of technology you can buy is one that you could ignore, and I can ignore Chili Piper.

See how Chili Piper can help support any stage of your customer journey and schedule a demo!

About the author
Nolan McCoy

Nolan McCoy is the Head of Video, Social, and Creative Content at Chili Piper. He lives in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho with his family and enjoys the outdoors, cooking (with spice of course), and coffee.

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