Ditch your lead routing spreadsheet, for good

Passing the baton from one rep to the next should be easy. Automate your handoff process with Chili Piper.

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Handoff is made for sales teams
with SDRs and AEs

Handoff is made for sales teams
with SDRs and AEs

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Connect buyers with a sales rep immediately

Reps can't afford to waste time. With Chili Piper, instantly route and schedule handoff meetings with no fumbling or toggling.


Route leads and meetings correctly, every time

Need to route based on territory or company size? Use routing rules to match leads to the correct rep regardless of how your team is structured.


Achieve fair distribution across your team

No more playing favorites or skipping reps in the queue. Handoff gives you the flexibility to balance lead distribution.


Account for no shows and vacations

Easily adjust meeting assignments to keep round robins fair when reps are away or meetings need to be credited back.


Keep your CRM data clean

Automatically log meeting details to your CRM with our integration.


What Handoff customers are saying

Chili Piper made our SDR-to-AE handoff so much smoother so all reps were being given equal opportunities. The automated reminders also increased our show rates by 10-15%.

Kevin Dorsey

VP of Inside Sales @ PatientPop

I'd rather have my reps on the phone dialing, setting up that next meeting, and closing that next deal rather than getting frustrated with where the next Excel cell needs to be filled out.

Andrew Froning

Strategic Sales Development
Manager @ Justworks

Since we started Chili Piper it took us literally a day to see the admin time down from every single team across the board.

Alaia Schwegler

Sales Ops and Strategy
@ Roofstock


Connect with the tools you rely on every day

Chili Piper integrates with your favorite marketing and sales automation software so you can get up and running quickly without changing your tech stack.

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