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Chili Piper

User License to Book
& Receive Meetings & Calls


per user/month*



Real time qualification,
routing & scheduling
directly from your forms
and app


flat per month*



Real time call routing, video conferencing & scheduling directly from your forms and app


flat per month*

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*Billed annually. Phone usage billed separately.
No discount policy (we love all our customers the same)


SDR to AE Meeting Handoffs
AE to Onboarding Meeting Handoff
Round Robin Management
Advanced Meeting Routing (terrority, company size, acount ownership, etc.)
No Show Management
Meeting Reminders via Email and SMS
Suggested Times in Emails
Group Meetings
Meeting Attendance and Funnel Reporting


Real Time Scheduling Directly from Forms and Inside Web App
Intelligent Meeting Routing from Email Marketing Campaigns
Lead Qualification Rules
API Access for Customization

Concierge Live

Everything included in Concierge
Real Time Call Routing Directly from Forms and Inside Web App
Real Time Video Conferencing Directly from Forms and Inside Web App
Real Time Auto Dial Directly from Forms

Frequently asked questions

I have a complex process. How long does it take to setup Chili Piper?

Our app installs in a few clicks. To make sure you have the right settings for everyone in your team, it can take an admin, depending on the team size anything in between 15 minutes to 2 hours.

Is training, setup & support included in this price?

Yes! We train and onboard all your users!

I have a sales development representative booking for an account executive. Does that count as one license or two?

Two. Both users would need to have their calendars connected for Chili Piper to work properly as well as for personal settings, such as working hours.

Do integrations cost extra?

No, the pricing listed here is what you pay for your annual subscription. All user licenses include integrations to Salesforce, GSuite/O365, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Zapier, Salesloft,, and Twilio. Form integrations for Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot, etc. is included in the Concierge add-on. Twilio SMS usage is paid via your Twilio account and Twilio Voice usage is billed via a rechargeable sub-account.

Can I just do an evaluation?

We do not offer free trials because we invest time to make sure you are setup and trained for success. We do offer an opt-out clause. You decide on a time period, for example, one month, and we refund you pro-rata if you decide not to go ahead after that time period. So far no one has opted out :)

Do you offer payment terms? Like Net 30 or monthly or quarterly payments?

No, user licenses and Concierge only become active upon upfront annual payment (we want to focus on improving your process not chasing invoices).

What counts as a user?

A user is anyone that is booking a meeting, assigned a meeting, or an admin/manager who needs access to the application.

Is video conferencing for meetings included in all packages?

Yes! Zoom, GoToMeeting, and other video conferencing is included in all subscriptions. The difference in Concierge Live is that it allows for real-time instant video connections from your web forms and/or web app.

Chili Piper

User license to book and
receive meetings


per user/month, billed annually. Or $35/user, billed monthly


Book, manage and track 1-on-1 and group meetings for events


flat per month, billed annually.
Or $750 flat billed monthly

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