How Allbound Transformed Their Inbound Process

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Grace Hayes, Senior Demand Gen Specialist at Allbound, sat down with us for a chat on how Chili Piper transformed their inbound process.

And when we say transformed, we really mean it. 

Allbound in an engagement driving platform that helps companies manage their partners and automate their channel programs.

Hayes understood the importance of being the first to the table when it came to booking meetings with prospects, but they kept falling short.

What kept them from reaching their full potential? 

Slow and inefficient processes were their main roadblock to success.

“Our process before Chili Piper was the constant back and forth with prospects,” Hayes said. “Figuring out time zones, and the ‘what day works for you?’ email threads where it took forever to get a prospect on the calendar.”

Sales teams are under enormous pressure to be the first to the table, and Hayes’ team was no different.

“There’s all this stress over, ‘we’ve got to reach out immediately’,” Hayes explained. “We have to get to the table first, and you know, how do we do that if we’re not online or we’re in different time zones?”


It didn’t help matters that they relied on outdated techniques for their inbound solution. 

“We were using Excel spreadsheets to round-robin to AEs,” Hayes said. “All the logistics around inbound routing was done manually.”

Because of the time consuming nature of their processes, Hayes didn’t have the time in her day to focus on how to meet their prospects where they were or to strategize on how to drive demand to Allbound.

Hayes felt the stress and the mounting pressure to beat out the competition but lacked the resources to do so. 

Enter Chili Piper

How did Chili Piper transform Allbound’s inbound process?

“Chili Piper really just took the headache, honestly, out of inbound marketing.”

With Chili Piper, they were able to create separate queues based on their priorities. For example, if an account is being actively worked by someone in their company, the individual can book directly with that rep. 

Not only is it a smoother process, but it also removes any conflicts among reps over who gets the opportunity. 

They’ve also been able to more accurately qualify or disqualify net new accounts based on specific criteria they put on their form. 

If an individual is qualified, they are always presented with a calendar to book time directly with an AE. 

If an individual is unqualified, they are either mined to do further vetting, or they can book time with an SDR to start the discovery process immediately.

Thanks to this process, Allbound has seen a massive increase in qualified meetings held. 

“The number of conversations we’re having with prospects has skyrocketed.” 

A 200% increase in conversations, to be exact. 

Another perk they’ve seen? A bump in reputation.

“The amount of compliments we get from prospects speaking to the ease of getting time on the calendar is crazy,” Hayes said. “They always comment on how fast we are at getting in touch with them and we know that’s a huge deal.” 

Chili Piper has truly become a differentiator for them against their competition. 

What results has Allbound seen from implementing Chili Piper?

One of the biggest things they have now is visibility into Salesforce which allows them to track all the meetings they set through Chili Piper — a huge improvement from their previous process.

“Within just a month of using [Chili Piper], our total number of inbound opportunities increased by 68%,” Hayes said. 

“Within the first month.” She emphasized.

And thanks to the specialization Chili Piper offers for lead routing, their number of unqualified opportunities decreased by 13%.

“That was really helpful as well,” Hayes said. “Giving our AEs time back in their day for those meetings that they didn’t need to be having to begin with.”

To top it off, their marketing team also saw the highest closed won revenue ever in Q2 of 2021 — an achievement Hayes solely attributes to Chili Piper.

“Chili Piper has literally transformed our inbound process.” 

It has:

✅ Boosted their speed to lead

✅ Increased their meetings booked by ten-fold

✅ Allowed for global expansion without the need for an additional hire

✅ Differentiated them from their competition

And it has made their life so much easier.

“So, like I said, we are very happy Chili Piper customers,” Hayes said.

Ready to see what Chili Piper can do for you?

Schedule a demo today — you won’t regret it.  

About the author
Kelli Diffenderfer

Kelli Diffenderfer is a Content Marketing Manager at Chili Piper. She is passionate about the power of words to tell stories and bring ideas to life. A Michigander at heart, she spends much of her time traveling to the mitten state, spending time outdoors and enjoying sunsets over the water. Connect with Kelli on LinkedIn.

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