How DealHub Increased Qualified Opportunities by 20% Using Chili Piper

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Haim Cohen Mintz is the VP of Sales Development & Operations at DealHub. DealHub is the leading CPQ, CLM, and DealRoom in the market, and has been voted as the highest-rated and easiest to use CPQ software on G2 for the last three years.

We sat down with Mintz to learn how Chili Piper has automated their sales process and helped DealHub book more meetings.


  • 20% increase in inbound qualified opportunities
  • 15% increase in outbound qualified opportunities
  • 2 hours of admin work saved weekly

Challenges faced before Chili Piper

Before implementing Chili Piper, setting up demo meetings for a rapidly growing team of account executives was a nightmare — it required a lot of manual work, and inbound SDRs had to intervene.

Setting up outbound meetings was also difficult. When a rep was on the phone with a lead and setting up a demo, it took too long because the rep was looking for the available slot for the different AEs while keeping in mind the rules of engagement.

The biggest challenge was booking meetings with the correct AE with distribution rules that are more complex than a simple round-robin. 

That period between the SDR getting the attention of the lead and then setting up the actual demo took too long.

“When the prospect didn't have time and said, ‘just send me an email’, the demos just fizzled away,” said Mintz.

Scheduling that’s a breeze 

Now that DealHub uses Chili Piper, their SDRs can easily set up demo meetings for each type of lead. For example, if they’re setting up a demo for an enterprise company that's in the healthcare industry and located in a specific country, they have that queue already set up, and the routing is done automatically.

Also, they can now allow their prospects to book meetings online. After filling out a web form, prospects are led to a booking page where they can select a time that works best for them. 

Scheduling that used to take forever is now done in seconds. 

More opportunities, more revenue 

DealHub has only been using Chili Piper for a few months and they’re already seeing a 20% increase in qualified opportunities from inbound leads and a 15% increase in qualified opportunities from outbound leads.

They’re also seeing a significant reduction in admin work, estimating about two hours saved weekly.

“The big benefit is not just the reduction in admin work. It's the reduction in background noise. That whole thing that you need to do things urgently. Do it now. We can't reach the AE to make the changes in the calendar. That's all become really easy,” said Mintz.

About the author
Maggie Aland

Maggie is the Senior Director of Go-to Market at Chili Piper. She graduated with a B.S. in Psychology from Tulane University, and has been published in Investopedia, Fundera, and Fit Small Business among others.

With seven years of experience in digital marketing, her primary goal is to create the most helpful resources for growth marketers. Her secondary goal is to get Taylor Swift to agree to a content collaboration.

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