How Directive’s New And Improved Process Increased Conversions

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Tim Davidson, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Directive Consulting sat down with us for a chat on how Chili Piper revamped their marketing efforts and improved their sales process.

Directive is a consulting agency for software brands, focusing on performance marketing that helps companies develop effective strategies to grow their revenue. 

When they came to Chili Piper, they had two main struggles:

  1. They weren’t able to get in touch with prospects quickly enough after they submitted requests for proposals
  2. Their lead routing was broken — they needed a more effective way to get their leads to the proper AE or SDR

“Before Chili Piper, the website was the classic, ‘request a proposal’,” Davidson said. 

Prospects filling out the form would then receive a message saying “someone will get back to you in 24 to 48 hours”.

Their LinkedIn and Facebook pages were a similar story. An SDR would have to reach out after every proposal request to schedule a call.  

“It wasn’t too effective.”

Why Chili Piper?

When it came to choosing a tool to help automate their process, Chili Piper was the top choice. 

“I really always liked Chili Piper so that definitely helped,” Davidson said. “Your brand.” 

But it was more than that — Chili Piper had functionality that they couldn’t get anywhere else.

One key feature was the lead routing capability. 

“For target accounts, we have different tiers,” Davidson explained. “So tier one or zero is going to go to an AE — which is very good for us obviously. And then the lower tiers will go to an SDR.”

Another reason for choosing Chili Piper?

“We were getting to a volume of intro calls requested that we were running into problems with SDRs not being capped out,” Davidson said. “Or AEs not having a cap on how many meetings they have in a day — so having that functionality was really helpful as well.”

Making sure AEs and SDRs have a limit to how many meetings they’re taking on is key to preventing burnout. 

A new and improved process

While Chili Piper helped change their process, Directive also made some improvements of their own — like changing their call to action on their website. 

Rather than prompting individuals to request a proposal, they now are given the option to book an intro call. 

This subtle difference has made a huge impact, allowing prospects to book time with a sales rep immediately.

“Now on the website when someone fills out the form they can actually schedule the call with Chili Piper,” Davidson said. “Which has helped increase our intro calls.” 

Their strategy for social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook is to offer a gift card incentive to prospects that book an intro call with them — something they’ve seen great success with.

“They fill out the lead gen form and then right on that “thank you” message they’ll see the scheduling link there for Chili Piper and then they can book the call there,” Davidson said.

What results did they see?

“It’s increased our intro calls held so it’s obviously huge at scale.”

On their website, they saw a 53% increase in booking rates since implementing Chili Piper and optimizing their landing page for conversion.  

“Our conversion rate with that call to action is now 23%,” Davidson said. “It was 15% with the classic model of the “thank you” message, so that’s definitely a big increase — especially at the scale we’re at now.” 

They saw an even bigger increase in conversion rates on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Before Chili Piper, their conversion rate was sitting at 31%. With the help of Chili Piper, that’s increased to 52%.

“The biggest thing there is we were having 20 to 30 intro calls a day,” he said. “So it’s been huge to see our intro call request has increased.” 

Davidson also pointed out that not only has their intro call “scheduled” number increased, their intro call “held” number has also increased — which makes a huge impact on their bottom line.

“[Chili Piper] has saved our SDRs and AEs a lot of time and also drove a lot of revenue.”

See how you can improve your process with Chili Piper. Book a call today.

About the author
Kelli Diffenderfer

Kelli Diffenderfer is a Content Marketing Manager at Chili Piper. She is passionate about the power of words to tell stories and bring ideas to life. A Michigander at heart, she spends much of her time traveling to the mitten state, spending time outdoors and enjoying sunsets over the water. Connect with Kelli on LinkedIn.

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