How GoCardless' Customer Success Team Improved Time to Value by 75% With Chili Piper

Our Impact

GoCardless makes it easy to collect bank debit payments from customers worldwide.



  • 122% uplift in the number of customer meetings tracked in Salesforce
  • Brought the first touch with a new customer from 29 days down to seven days
  • They save nearly a full day of work (~6 hours) per quarter by eliminating manual tasks


Why Chili Piper?


Jessica Harris is the Best Practice Manager, Customer Success at GoCardless, which means she owns all things CS Operations. 

Last year GoCardless implemented a new customer journey model called the Value Pathways for their customer success function, and as a result implemented new CRM processes and re-evaluated how they booked and tracked customer meetings.

They were looking to accomplish the following:

  • Effectively track SLAs for key customer onboarding milestones
  • Improve team efficiency
  • Improve the overall customer experience and ease of scheduling

The CS team at GoCardless evaluated both Calendly and Chili Piper and ultimately decided on Chili Piper.

“One of the key elements for consideration was the ability to track customer meetings within Salesforce. So when a Customer Success Manager (CSM) sends out a booking link, we wanted the meeting to go straight into Salesforce as soon as it was created. This would give all of our teams visibility over when the next meeting was scheduled, as well as an overview of the customer journey.”


Before and After Chili Piper


Chili Piper automates previously manual tasks like adding all the key meeting information into Salesforce, saving CSMs hours in admin time, and providing direct visibility to leadership.

“In Q3 2020, we had 68 high-impact engagements tracked in Salesforce. In Q4 2020, we had 194 high-impact engagements booked. As an average based on CSM activity, we saw a 122% uplift in the number of meetings we were able to track in Salesforce, as these were being booked via Chili Piper and added automatically.”

They also noted a significant improvement in the time taken to schedule an initial kick-off meeting with a customer. In Q3 2020 it took an average of 29 days to complete the handover from Closed Won to booking a kick-off meeting with the customer.




  • Chili Piper enables GoCardless CSMs to schedule one-click meetings directly from their inbox with Instant Booker. 
  • Chili Piper’s integration with Salesforce made reporting on specific meeting types simple, giving the management team more visibility into the CS team’s time and productivity.
  • GoCardless has implemented Chili Piper across the Sales and Customer Success team to ensure their customers have the best experience from start to finish.


"I'm a firm believer that as customer success evolves so do the expectations around the technology that supports that evolution. A best of breed tech stack that excels at accelerating our customers' journey is critical to us and Chili Piper is an essential part of that tech stack. It's fundamental to our customer value pathway and has had an enormous impact in an incredibly short space of time"

-Pat Phelan, Chief Customer Officer @ GoCardless

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