How Butterfly Network Uses Group Demos to Convert Unqualified Leads

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There could definitely be worse things than prospects flocking to your website to request a demo. But as your AE calendars begin to fill up, you need to start thinking strategically about how you qualify and route your inbound leads. 

Not all leads are an ideal fit that deserves time on an AEs calendar, at least not right away.

But we don’t want to just reject unqualified leads either. Some of them might actually be great leads in disguise. They just need a little more time.

That’s where this next use case shines. Our friends at Butterfly Network started using Group Demos as a way to engage and qualify unqualified inbound leads for ecommerce sales.  

This use case is based around the premise that today, people are more receptive to attending group webinars and virtual events as a way of educating themselves on new tools. It doesn’t always have to be a one-on-one demo. 

So, for leads that didn’t quite match their qualification rules, they offered the option to book into one weekly demo slot. They then used this same time every week to host a group demo. 

So how does it work?

Step 1: Configure Your Concierge Router

To start, Butterfly Network uses Chili Meetings and our Concierge tool to qualify and route leads that complete their demo request form. You’ll need that too for this use case to work. 

Click here to learn more about configuring your Concierge Router.

Step 2: Create a ‘Group Demo’ Queue

In their Concierge Router settings, Butterfly Network added a special queue (Group Demo) for leads that didn’t match their qualification criteria. In this queue, there was only one assignee, their Product Manager, Anand Shah. 

Step 3: Create a Group Demo Meeting Type 

Create a specific meeting type dedicated to your Group Demo and add the following customizations:

Create a meeting template that populates each invite with details and instructions for your Group Demo. Include a static (never changing) conference link that you’ll always use for this Group Demo. That way you won’t need to change it every week. 

Set the availability for this meeting type to only allow booking during the specific time slot (or time slots) you want to host your Group Demo. In the Case of Butterfly Network, they chose Wednesdays at 2PM PT. 

You’ll also want to turn on the setting called “Show this meeting as available in Google Calendar.” This is what allows multiple prospects to book into Anand’s calendar during the same time block. 

Anand also needs to hop into his Calendar and reserve this time for Group Demos. Using our Custom Schedules feature, he can block off this time in his calendar and dedicate it to only Group Demos. 

As a last step, you can set the ability to only allow Group Demos to be set two weeks in advance (or whatever time frame you like). This reduces the risk of people booking too far into the future. 

Step 4: Post Demo Follow Up

At the end of the group demo, attendees are sent an email prompting them to purchase online.

If your product isn’t conducive to online purchases, you can change your follow up strategy to offer prospects the ability to talk directly to an AE following the group demo.

You can use Smart Booking Links to automatically route prospects to the correct AE when they click the link in your follow up email.

The results

So far, the team at Butterfly Network has seen some promising results, converting 25% of group demo attendees that would have otherwise been lost.

“We are seeing a 25% conversion rate on group demo attendees. At a time when live events and in-person demonstrations are limited, virtual group demos help us keep that “WOW” factor.”  – Yuri Daniels, Sr. Director of Digital Marketing, Butterfly Network.

Try this use case

Want to recapture some of your disqualified leads without bogging down your AEs’ calendars? Take a page from Butterfly Network’s book and implement your own Group Demo queue. 

Contact our support team for help, or book a demo to learn more about Chili Meetings. 

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Chelsea Castle

Chelsea Castle is the Director of Content Marketing at Chili Piper. A journalist turned empathy-driven marketer, she's also a concert junkie who can often be found #doingthings outside and crafting creative ways to be sustainable.

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