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We chatted with Trent Allen, RevOps Manager for Automations and Systems at Maxio, about the merging of SaaSOptics and Chargify, and how Chili Piper helped make the transition seamless.

In 2021, SaaSoptics and Chargify were brought together into one company, resulting in Maxio — a subscription management platform for B2B SaaS companies.

But the merging of these two companies didn’t come without challenges. 

Growing pains

While SaaSoptics has been a Chili Piper customer for years, Chargify was a different story. They had zero scheduling system, and they weren’t doing any outbounding to speak of. 

It was all inbound, and (wait for it 😬) they were using a spreadsheet to route their leads.

Chargify had a pretty basic Excel format to schedule meetings, book follow-ups, and figure out what rep was going to get the next meeting. Not the most efficient way to do things. 

Maxio had their work cut out for them… But their biggest challenge?

They needed to get the Chargify team into Chili Piper and to do so required some ingenuity. Maxio needed to figure out how to make Chili Piper work with two different Salesforce instances and two different marketing platforms.

But they knew they wanted Chili Piper to be used as a central hub that both teams could use together — a source of truth for inbound, and outbound, meetings.

Luckily, Chili Piper was up for the challenge.

“What was great about it, on the Chili Piper side, was that everything was super easy to launch,” Trent said. “We are so integrated into Chili Piper’s system because we believe in it so much. To leave that and try to rebuild it all would’ve caused so much more headache, lost leads, and leaky buckets.”

The thought of not using Chili Piper never crossed their minds.

“It just didn’t make sense to even consider another tool,” Trent said. “And again, a lot of that has to do with just having those amazing people to reach out to and just really trusting the product and where it’s going.” 

Fast forward to today. 

Maxio is now in one combined Salesforce. 

“If you’re a customer of ours and you needed to contact us, you can come inbound through the contact us form, our Chili Piper picks up that you’re a customer, and it gets you to your CSM,” Trent said. 

A multi-purpose tool 

One of the best things they’ve discovered about Chili Piper? How diverse it is. 

“It’s pretty interesting how each team is using it slightly differently,” Trent said. “But we’ve built so much great automation around data, integrity, ownership, and opportunities, that it’s pretty fluid.” 

Chili Piper’s a great plug-and-play product, but it’s so much more than what meets the eye. 

“The better you know it, the more you ask questions, the more you get creative with it, it becomes so much more powerful,” Trent said.

The results?

Since implementing Chili Piper across the board, they get immediate bookings, and they’re seeing better show rates for people going into discovery calls. 

“Immediately we were starting to see this growth,” Trent said.  

Maxio is focused on meeting the prospects' needs and delivering the best possible experience. 

“If your prospect wants to meet tomorrow at three, we make sure they get a meeting tomorrow at three,” Trent said. “Since we launched the Chargify side of it, we’re seeing 35%-40% more show rates.” 

The increase in meetings and conversion rates was immediate. The accuracy of their routing also improved. 

“As we’ve been doing this process, we’ve seen even higher percentages of the form fills getting to the right person,” Trent said. “And those deals going from discovery to demo has increased by about 25%.” 

Maxio has seen firsthand how having the right person in front of the prospect at the right time can make a world of difference.

“We’re seeing a lot of growth in ARR on the product side just by introducing outbound,” Trent said. “It’s just incredible to keep seeing that number go up.”

Chili Piper is the catalyst for them to be able to increase their meetings and ARR in a very effective and quick way.

“[Chili Piper] is super easy to start and you get immediate benefit, but if you dig deeper, you can get so much more,” Trent said.

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