How Uses Chili Piper to Remove Scheduling Friction

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Logan Neveau is a Senior Director of Product Growth at, a demand generation platform for B2B marketers. Metadata is about working smarter, not harder, which is why they use Chili Piper to automate their scheduling processes. 

We sat down with Logan to learn more about their tactics. 

Managing multiple schedules in multiple time zones generates about 400 demo requests per month, which on its own would be difficult to facilitate. 

On top of that, they typically have more than one salesperson on a call and have employees all over the globe. 

Managing 400 demo requests across multiple time zones with at least two or three reps on the same call was an impossible lift. 

Before Chili Piper

Before Chili Piper, the team at was manually sending their availability via email by typing times out, checking calendars, and going back and forth. This took them a long time, and they weren't able to handle the number of leads they were getting, which meant they had to artificially cap demand.

“We basically had to turn off our campaigns. Once we hit about a hundred leads per month, we just didn't have the capacity to handle anything more than that.” 

This hurt their ability to generate the maximum amount of inbound pipeline from their interested prospects. 

Real-time availability 

With Chili Piper, the Metadata team is able to send out availability for everyone who should be included on the call. 

Plus, if a time slot is taken, the calendar automatically updates.

“Having real-time availability sent out to prospects is a huge time saver because before we were using Chili Piper, three-fourths of the time, the prospects would be like, ‘Oh, I want this time.’

And I'd have to respond back saying you're too late. I know I sent this to you two hours ago, but that time slot has already been booked.”

Improving conversion rates from social media ads specializes in running social media ads. One campaign they run targets their ideal customer profile (ICP) through LinkedIn conversational ads.  

However, they don’t send their prospects to a traditional landing page that says “We’ll be in touch in 24 hours.” 

That's a terrible customer experience, considering Metadata already knows the prospect is a fit, and they’ve already been qualified. 

Instead, the prospect is sent directly to a booking page where they can choose a time for a demo. Then Metadata uses Chili Piper’s advanced routing functionality to make sure that the prospect is paired with the right account executive.

This improves the user experience and increases the number of meetings they’re able to book from social media ads. 

Chili Piper’s impact on revenue

Metadata’s demo request to meeting book rate was hovering around 50% before using Chili Piper. After Chili Piper, 76% of demo requests get booked.

This is a major lift, especially since Metadata is 80% inbound. When you extrapolate that down the funnel that’s a massive lift in the pipeline, and in revenue.

About the author
Maggie Aland

Maggie is the Senior Director of Go-to Market at Chili Piper. She graduated with a B.S. in Psychology from Tulane University, and has been published in Investopedia, Fundera, and Fit Small Business among others.

With seven years of experience in digital marketing, her primary goal is to create the most helpful resources for growth marketers. Her secondary goal is to get Taylor Swift to agree to a content collaboration.

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