How Chili Piper Helps PandaDoc Increase Their Speed to Lead

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For a high velocity business like Pandadoc, with hundreds of thousands of website visitors and 20-30 thousand trials each month, rules of engagement and speed to lead are critical to driving revenue.

Denis Malkov, Director of Revenue Operations at Pandadoc, knew that every conversion centered around a meeting and he needed to implement a system that would manage the important task of assigning and routing meetings without having to rely on a spreadsheet.

The team at Pandadoc has since implemented Chili Piper across their entire revenue team including SDRs, AEs, CSMs, AMs, and even Product Managers. Using separate workspaces in Chili Piper with meeting queues based on company size, they are able to route accounts and meetings to the correct owner, automatically.

With this new system in place, Chili Piper is helping Pandadoc increase their speed to lead to under five minutes, allowing AEs to get on the phone with high value leads and trials as quickly as possible.

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