How SaaSOptics Used Chili Piper Concierge to Double Their Inbound Pipeline

Our Impact

With 60-70% of their inbound demo requests never making it to a booked meeting, Bryan Schuler, ABM and Marketing Operations Manager at SaaSOptics knew that a change was needed. Their inbound scheduling process required SDRs going back-and-forth with the prospect to qualify and schedule a meeting before they ever spoke with an AE. 

Bryan implemented Chili Piper’s Concierge solution which allowed inbound prospects to book a meeting time in the correct AE’s calendar immediately after filling out their demo request form. Behind the scenes Chili Piper qualified the lead, routed it to the correct AE, and booked the meeting in their calendar. 

Since implementing Chili Piper, Bryan and his team have seen their book rate on inbound demo requests increase from 40% to 90%, resulting in 4x more sales meetings and double the amount of inbound pipeline per month.

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