How Shopify Uses Chili Piper to Improve their User Experience

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Craig Handy leads the evolutions division at Shopify, an e-commerce platform that hosts online stores. 

At Shopify, the team is focused on pushing the limits on how revenue technology can support their go-to-market strategies and help them better serve their merchants. 

We sat down with Craig to learn more about how Chili Piper plays an integral part in his customer-focused strategy.  

Before Chili Piper

Prior to implementing Chili Piper, Shopify had many different calendar tools and disjointed processes.

They used a combination of Calendly and to schedule meetings, leading to an inconsistent experience for their users. 

Why Chili Piper was the best choice for Shopify

Once he noticed the issue with having so many different tools, Craig decided to take a step back and think about what tool he would choose if he was starting from scratch. 

He wanted to make sure it was a tool he could rely on, and that was going to interact well with their tech stack. 

He also wanted to ensure the tool was adaptable and would give Shopify the freedom to do the scheduling they needed to do. 

When he reached out to Chili Piper and had a fantastic engagement right off the bat, he knew it was the right tool for their needs. 

Chili Piper as a partner for success

Craig had a sense from the beginning that Chili Piper was committed to working and growing with their team. 

Instead of just giving him the keys and saying good luck, Chili Piper was invested in Shopify’s success. 

When Shopify had requests for features, Chili Piper’s team was quick to accommodate, and after the first three months, the tool was able to go above and beyond Shopify’s needs. 

How Shopify uses Chili Piper to improve its user experience 

A big part of Shopify’s strategy is to connect the right people at the right time at the right part of their journey.

For example, their marketing team sends out campaigns with a Chili Piper booking link that allows the recipient to book a meeting. 

Based on the attributes of the merchant, they are routed to the proper sales rep that is best equipped to serve them. 

This tool and process eliminates unnecessary barriers and allows users to instantly book time with the appropriate sales rep. 

By having Chili Piper to get those meetings booked, it eliminates the effort and friction from both sides and allows members on the front line to get even closer to the merchants. 

This is important because it creates empathy. And as Craig puts it, “empathy is what makes the difference between great and excellent. And Chili Piper has been huge in giving us that opportunity.”

Request your demo today and see how Chili Piper can help improve your user experience and double inbound conversions. 

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