Mission Critical: WalkMe’s Tech Upgrade That Shortened Their Sales Cycle

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Ever heard the saying “you can’t please everyone”?

WalkMe decided that wasn't going to apply to them and upgraded their technology game, choosing a tool that turned everyone into winners — marketing, SDRs, sales, management, and stakeholders alike. 

How did they do it? 

Mickael Bizouati, Marketing Operations Manager at WalkMe, walked us through their journey. 

What was WalkMe searching for?

WalkMe, the leader in digital adoption platforms, helps thousands of companies globally maximize the impact of their digital transformation strategy.

Their deep understanding of how a company’s digital assets contribute to their success led them to recognize the gaps in their tech stack. 

WalkMe’s previous inbound conversion process was slow and inefficient. Bizouati wouldn’t describe it as old-school, but it certainly wasn’t as cool and trendy (his words, not ours) as it is now. 

Bizouati knew they needed something to take them to the next level. He began his search for a tool to elevate their processes and reduce their sales cycle — a tool that was equally as dynamic as it was efficient and responsive.

In the end, it was a no-brainer — Chili Piper’s Form Concierge was the clear choice.

Why did they choose Chili Piper?

“Look,” Bizouti said. “We usually choose the best solution on the market, so that’s the main reason [we chose Chili Piper]. It met our needs that we had back then and that we still have today.”

Another big reason for implementing Form Concierge? The visibility into Chili Piper’s roadmap. 

For Bizouati, the ability to see what was coming in terms of product updates and innovations sealed the deal, along with the top-notch customer support. 

Chili Piper checked all their boxes:

✅ Powerful inbound conversion platform

✅ Visibility into the product roadmap

✅ Excellent customer support

“We see things happening and changing at Chili Piper,” Bizouati said. “Meaning the roadmap, the product, where you guys are going — and it’s something we love.”

They wanted to work with a company that continued to grow and adapt along with them. 

“We want to be part of the journey with you guys and we enjoy the support we get from you.” 

How does WalkMe use Chili Piper? 

“We’re mainly using it for the part of the company with SDRs,” Bizouati said. “Somebody comes to our website, the form pops up, and we do an external pinging of vendors and databases to make sure the people coming in are qualified.”

WalkMe has their own set of internal criteria for qualifying candidates — whether that’s the company size, the industry, or any other kind of filter. 

“We process this in a very timely manner,” he said. “We also do live enrichment based on geography and other filters, and we’ll assign these prospects to the right reps.”

With Form Concierge, a prospect can quickly book a time to discuss the solution at WalkMe as part of their demo request submission process. 

“Instead of taking hours, days, sometimes, even more, we see a shorter time to sale.” 

According to Bizouati, this is one of the main goals at WalkMe, and something Chili Piper helped them achieve — shortening the sales cycle. 

The outcome?

“Happier SDRs are our main success, I would say,” he noted. “We’re helping them do their job better, helping make their lives easier, and overall we’re hitting the company’s goal, which is driving pipeline and revenue.” 

Thanks to Form Concierge, everyone is happy: Marketing, SDRs, sales, management, and stakeholders.

“It has become mission-critical technology for us.”  

Interested in learning more? Schedule a demo of Form Concierge today.

About the author
Kelli Diffenderfer

Kelli Diffenderfer is a Content Marketing Manager at Chili Piper. She is passionate about the power of words to tell stories and bring ideas to life. A Michigander at heart, she spends much of her time traveling to the mitten state, spending time outdoors and enjoying sunsets over the water. Connect with Kelli on LinkedIn.

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