How Sendoso Used Chili Piper to Generate $10 Million in Pipeline from Dreamforce

Sendoso is the world’s first Sending Platform (SP). The fully integrated solution solves sourcing, physical warehouse storage, inventory tracking, and ROI attribution problems so that businesses can send anything and personalize at scale.

At their first Dreamforce, Sruthi Kumar and Sara Koppes, founding members of the Sendoso marketing team, struggled with manually coordinating 6 meeting tables, 18 AEs and hundreds of meetings.

Since this whole process was manual, Sara needed to chase down reps to make sure she was being added to invites and face the last minute stress of coordinating tables and rescheduling meetings. This also included the painstaking process of reviewing every meeting at the end of the day to determine which ones happened, and what needed to be rescheduled.

When the 2019 Dreamforce came around, Sara and Sruthi knew that things needed to change.

With Chili Piper, Sruthi could provide each of their SDRs with a unique booking link to include in their Salesloft cadences. Prospects could then use the link to book an available time in the correct AE’s calendar. Better yet, Chili Piper assigned and coordinated meeting rooms so every piece was automated.

During the event, Sara would then use Chili Piper’s Check-in Calendar to track meetings and no shows. At the end of the day, they knew exactly what meetings happened.

With Chili Piper, Sruthi and Sara were able to stop playing middle woman and focus more on driving the right meetings and ROI from Dreamforce.


+300% increase

in booked meetings

$10 million

in pipeline generated (and growing!)


Chili Piper automated every aspect of booking and coordinating calendars and meeting rooms.

Chili Piper’s check-in calendar made it a breeze to track meetings and accommodate last-minute changes.

Sendoso's team eliminated the headache of coordinating meetings so they could focus on driving ROI from Dreamforce.

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