How TravelBank Took Their Speed to Lead From Hours to Seconds

TravelBank is an all-in-one expense and travel solution to manage business spend.

Before bringing on Chili Piper, Connor Lawrence, who leads revenue operations for TravelBank, explains a manual, cumbersome process to their lead routing,

“Prospects land on the website, they fill out a web form to submit for a demo or to talk to our team, which lead to a pretty standard lead routing process. We would round-robin the leads to our reps based on some rules that we built into Salesforce in a painful, manual way and by the time the lead was getting to reps — who had to reach out to manually schedule a time — it was about 10 to 15 minutes just in the lead routing process… So we could be talking about several hours between the time the lead was submitted to when the actual prospect booked a time with our team. So there was a lot of friction in that process.”


They implemented Chili Piper and fully automated their inbound process.

There is now no waiting for Salesforce to route the lead, no manual back-and-forth between reps and prospects to find a time that works, and the result is their show-rates for meetings has gone from ~60% to over 80%. Connor says that it has had a huge impact on revenue that is easy to trace the dollars back to.

Now the sales team is happy they are getting inbound leads automatically routed to them, the prospects are getting to experience TravelBank’s seamless customer experience from the very beginning, and the bottom line is being impacted in a positive way.


Revenue acceleration

the sales team is getting to leads faster, running more meetings, and closing more deals.

Increased speed to lead

by achieving Instant Inbound, their speed to lead went from several hours to just a few seconds.

30% increase in meeting show-rate

from ~60% to over 80% of the meetings booked are becoming held meetings.


TravelBank uses Chili Piper to help qualify leads and then allows them to self-schedule immediately after filling out a form on their website, reducing their speed to lead time down to zero.

Meetings are automatically scheduled on the correct rep's calendar based on pre-determined rules they define like company size, zip code, etc.

With Chili Piper's reporting and no-show management, their entire team can automate reminders and notifications so no lead or prospect falls through the cracks.

Connor Lawrence

As a revenue operations team of one, I really need a tool like Chili Piper to make my life easier

Connor Lawrence

Revenue Operations @ TravelBank

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