How BambooHR increased qualified meetings by 40% with Form Concierge and G2

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BambooHR provides human resources software that automates operational tasks and frees HR to perform the big-picture projects that make a difference — helping their customers do more “people work” instead of paper work. 

Mary Nelson is a Demand Marketer at BambooHR and manages their review site channel. Since Mary started at BambooHR, she recognized there’s a lot more research involved in the software evaluation process. 1-2 evaluators in the decision making process has turned into 3-5 evaluators. 

With over 90% of prospects visiting review sites before making a buying decision, Mary recognized they weren’t leveraging G2 to the best of their ability. Her goal was to make sure that her team is following up immediately after they express interest in the platform (e.g. raise their  hand to talk to sales).

The Before Times: More Manual Work for Fewer Meetings

If someone was researching BambooHR on G2, here’s what that buyer’s journey looked like: 

  1. Someone is researching BambooHR on G2
  2. They request a demo
  3. They are taken out of G2 and onto a BambooHR landing page
  4. They fill out a demo request form
  5. The sales team would receive that form 
  6. They’d give them a call or email to set up the meeting

This process worked fine, but sellers would spend a lot of time emailing hand-raisers to set up a meeting — sometimes being ghosted before they could get anything on the books. 

The Test: Prospects Schedule Sales Meetings Right From G2  

As a long-time Chili Piper customer, Bamboo HR was already a huge success improving conversions on their website — and she wondered if they’d see the same success integrating Chili Piper with G2. 

After setting up the integration (which took just a few minutes), here's their new process: 

  1. Someone is researching BambooHR on G2 
  2. They are presented a calendar within the G2 page 
  3. They schedule a date and time, right then and there

Now qualified meetings automatically show up on the sales reps’ calendars, instead of manually routing and scheduling meetings with inbound leads from G2. And once the meeting is scheduled, opportunities are automatically created in Salesforce. 

From the prospect’s perspective, they’re able to schedule time with sales when BambooHR is top of mind — even if they’re doing research on a weekend, holiday, or after hours.

Results: 40% Increase in Qualified Meetings from G2

Within the first full month of having the Chili Piper and G2 integration implemented, BambooHR saw a 40% increase in qualified meetings coming from G2. 

Now, the sales team can focus on analyzing the results of their leads and how the forms perform through the sales funnel, instead of worrying about if the requests are slipping through the cracks. 

“Within the first full month of having the Chili Piper integration setup we saw a 40% increase in our contact requests, which is exactly what I want to see within my role. Having this integration was a game changer!

- Mary Nelson, BambooHR

How Chili Piper helped BambooHR improve form conversion

Chili Piper helped BambooHR optimize their inbound conversion on their webform and through multiple touchpoints in the buyer’s journey, but there was an opportunity to stretch Chili Piper to help qualify, route and schedule demos directly from the G2 platform. 

Meetings are automatically scheduled on the calendar for the prospect and the rep with automated reminders sent out ahead of meetings to help reduce the chance of no-shows. 

Curious how you can improve qualified meetings with the G2-Chili Piper integration? Learn more here.

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About the author
Karah Blandford

Karah Blandford is a Customer Marketing Manager at Chili Piper with a passion for fostering customer experiences that last a lifetime. She loves building experiences through every phase of the buyer journey - whether through the initial touchpoint a user has with a brand or via a retention strategy to increase customer value. Outside of work, you can find Karah reading, at the gym or at the beach! Follow Karah on LinkedIn.

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Increase qualified meetings by 40%

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