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You've worked hard to get user reviews. Use them to double your pipeline.


Optimize your G2 product profile for qualified lead conversion.

Connect your G2 Profile directly to Chili Piper and enable qualified software buyers to automatically schedule a meeting with your team. Monitor meetings booked from your G2 product profile(s) to attribute pipeline to G2.

This integration is for G2 profile customers who are also customers of our Form Concierge product.

Collect qualified inbound leads

High-quality buyers are researching you and your competitors on G2. Chili Piper assigns these G2 leads to add a new channel to your repertoire.

Grow your lead-to-meeting rate

Offer buyers the convenience of scheduling a meeting with you in an instant, and watch your conversion rates soar.

Automate marketing-to-sales handoff

The average vendor takes 42 hours to respond to a demo request, but eliminating the manual work of coordinating schedules streamlines the process of scheduling qualified prospect meetings for sales.

Generate opportunities

Track lead and deal cycle progression from the meetings booked on your G2 product profile(s)and attribute opportunity influence and revenue pipeline to G2.

How it works:

  • Set up a new Inbound Router that connects your G2 Profile to your Chili Piper meeting scheduler.
  • Offer buyers on G2 the ability to “Schedule a Demo” or “Book a Meeting” directly on your G2 Profile.  
  • Collect qualified leads and automatically schedule prospect meetings.  
  • Track meetings booked from your product profile(s) to attribute opportunities and revenue pipeline to G2.




Frequently asked questions

How does Chili Piper pricing work?

All product licenses offered by Chili Piper are priced per user per month. Concierge, our flagship product, also includes a platform fee based on your monthly lead volume. Our pricing is a-la-carte to ensure fairness, which means you can purchase a mix of product licenses depending on your needs.

How do I cancel my Chili Piper subscription or trial?

Please reach out to your account manager or our support team, to cancel your existing subscription.

How secure is Chili Piper?

Protecting the data you trust to Chili Piper is our first priority. Chili Piper uses physical, logical, and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of your information. Chili Piper is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 certified. Click here to learn more.

The G2 + Chili Piper integration
is available to:
Form Concierge customers and G2 accounts on a paid plan

3 reasons

why you should get Form Concierge
on your G2 Profile:
Make G2 a revenue channel
60 million people check out software on G2 every year. That includes you and your competitors.
Connect prospects to sales reps in seconds
Your prospects can put time on your reps’ calendars, immediately after requesting a demo.
See value from day 1
Not only is implementation fast and easy, it will also have an immediate impact — watch your booked meeting rate increase immediately after launch.
See how it works
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Connect your Chili Piper account to your G2 Profile
Add a book a demo button to your G2 profile
Automatically schedule meetings and collect qualified leads
Need more information on how to install the integration?
Click here

See how it works with Chili Piper

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What Form Concierge users are saying

Right after we implemented Chili Piper we saw a 50% lift in inbound meetings booked. We now see 5x as many meetings as we did before starting with Chili Piper and our revenue is around 300% - even with half the size of the sales team.

300% increase in revenue

Krishan Patel

VP of Growth @ Apollo

We were able to increase revenue by 10-15% just by optimizing our inbound process. Our approach really paid off because we optimized what we were already doing rather than going out and spending more money.

15% increase in revenue

Inwoo Song

Director of Growth  @ Workato

We've taken that whole 7-8 step demo scheduling process and turned it into a 2-3 step process. 70% of those that come in that are raising their hand are scheduling - that's a huge win for us.

70% conversion rate

TJ Nokleby

Director of Marketing @ Grow

With Chili Piper, we reduced our SDR meeting no show rate by over 50%, and increased our SQL rate by 33%.

50% increase in revenue

Zvi Storch

Acquisition Marketing Manager
@ LawGeex

Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible to use the G2 + Chili Piper integration?

Yes, if you already are a Form Concierge user and a G2 customer on a paid plan.

Can I see how the integration works?

Yes, absolutely! Check out our G2 Profile page and test it out – or get a demo today.

Can I track all data through my CRM?

Yes, in Hubspot or Salesforce. You can track lead and deal cycle progression from the meetings booked on your G2 Profile and attribute opportunity influence and revenue pipeline to G2.

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