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Kevin Dorsey, VP of Inside Sales at PatientPop, sat down with us for a chat on how Chili Piper transformed their sales org from a piecemeal structure into a well-oiled machine.

PatientPop offers technology for medical practices to help them achieve growth, retain patients, and streamline their work by enhancing every touchpoint of the patient experience.

“I have roughly 120 or so reps that roll up under me,” Dorsey said. “About 60 or 70 in sales dev and another 30 in closing roles and management roles.” 

With a team that large, Dorsey can’t risk clumsy processes or inefficient workflows. He needs his team to be working in harmony and functioning at 100%. 

His first order of business? Identifying PatientPop’s challenges and implementing solutions. 

What were PatientPop’s biggest challenges?

Like many organizations, PatientPop struggled with distributing opportunities in their pipeline. 

“If pipeline isn’t being distributed evenly… you lose out on revenue, and it kills morale.”

“We talk about this a lot,” Dorsey said. “Pipeline over everything. If that pipeline isn’t being distributed evenly and going where it’s supposed to go, you lose out on revenue, and it kills morale.”

The bickering among reps over lost leads and DOA opportunities is something B2B companies know all too well — typically stemming from improperly routed leads or a breakdown in communication during scheduling.  

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Routing leads based on company size, rep seniority, and level of intent are just a few of the ways PatientPop has revamped their strategy. 

For example, Chili Piper’s Form Concierge allows them to send the larger opportunities to their more senior reps resulting in more closed-won deals. 

“We saw an increase in the overall close rate there because those reps are the ones who are supposed to be handling it,” Dorsey said. “And it’s nice to be able to have that control where maybe a brand new rep doesn’t trip into a midmarket or enterprise deal just because they were next on the list.” 

He’s also seen an increase in fairness, far less bickering, and more control in where and how leads are distributed.

“That’s why it’s a no-brainer. It makes it easy for the prospect, easy for the rep, and the results are there.” 

Another struggle for Dorsey’s team was maintaining high show rates. 

Before implementing Chili Piper, their show rates were low — especially on outbound. 

Luckily, Chili Piper had just the fix. 

For Dorsey and his team, the ability to manage meetings with automated reminders and personalize the communication made a world of difference.

“What I love with Chili is how well I can customize the reminders,” Dorsey said. “Where it’s not just ‘hey, looking forward to chatting on Thursday’ — like, no.” 

Chili Piper offers more than generic reminder emails. You can input the exact fields you want, make it personal, and show exactly who it’s coming from.


“My AE’s can remind people before meetings which has helped bring show rates up in a big way,” Dorsey said. “I think [pre-Chili Piper] we were hovering around a 50% show rate on outbound. Now we’re consistently above 70% and I think Chili Piper is a part of that.” 

What keeps him coming back time and time again?

“I’ve implemented [Chili Piper] at three companies now in a row and it’s just zero hesitation,” Dorsey said.

“My show rates are always higher with Chili Piper and my booking rates are always higher with Chili Piper.”

“I review my tech stack every single year,” he said. “What’s kept me with Chili Piper is the uniqueness of the different features and how they all work together.” 

Dorsey isn’t interested in any old calendar link. And he has no use for a round robin tool with no other features. 

“Yes, I can go get a calendar button anywhere,” Dorsey said. “But then I’m gonna lose out on all the different routing opportunities I have with my queue. Or I can get a round robin tool, but then I’m losing out on the quick drop buttons for my outreach sequences — and I still don’t have an online booking tool!”

In all his searching, he’s only found one company that offers everything he needs:

✅ Online calendar booking links 

✅ Routing opportunities within a queue

✅ Intelligent distribution of leads

✅ Customizable reminders for outreach sequences

And only at Chili Piper do all of these features work together in perfect unison. 

“I think people misunderstand what Chili Piper is,” Dorsey explained. “It’s not just an orange booking button.” 

For Dorsey, that orange button means greater control. Control around where meetings are going, how they’re showing up, and how reps communicate with prospects.

“I haven’t found anything that compares to it, honestly.” 

With Chili Piper, Dorsey can customize the workflow and better control who gets what in terms of leads. 

Let’s run through a quick scenario:

Scenario 1: A prospect submits a demo request

These are typically hot leads with a high level of intent to purchase PatientPop’s solution. They want to speak to someone quickly and they want it to be an AE. 

Hot leads don’t want to go through a qualifying round with an SDR just to be handed off to an AE to have the conversation they came for. The more steps involved, and the more people to go through, the less likely they are to convert.

Chili Piper allows Dorsey to get those high intent leads directly to the right AE.

Scenario 2: A prospect signs up for a webinar

Warm leads, the ones that come from content downloads or webinars, have an entirely different level of intent. They may require an extra layer of qualification before they get to an AE or risk wasting everyone’s time. 

Dorsey wants those leads to go to an SDR.

With Chili Piper, warm prospects can put time right on an SDR’s calendar — no need for back and forth over email to schedule a call. 

“Just imagine waking up and seeing a prospect put time on your calendar,” Dorsey said. “That’s the feeling right there, like oh, that was amazing. And that can just happen in the background.” 

If the lead is qualified, SDRs can then use Chili Piper's Handoff solution to automate the SDR-to-AE handoff process. 

No more referencing lead routing spreadsheets, coordinating calendars, or personalizing meeting invites just to get on the AE's calendar — with Chili Piper, SDRs can route leads to the right rep based on territory, company size, account ownership, and more.  

So, is investing in a tool like Chili Piper worth it? 


“There are certain things with products where you wonder if it’s worth it or wonder if you should,” Dorsey said. “This is a no-brainer. And honestly, I think when people hem and haw over doing it they’re overthinking it.” 

Dorsey stands behind Chili Piper 100%.

“I can almost guarantee that you do not have a process in place that does all the things Chili Piper does,” Dorsey said. “And if you do have a process in place, it’s probably piecemealed together with three or four different things, and you’re missing out on functionality.” 

“This is a no-brainer product.” 

Ready for your sales team to kick it up a notch?

Get a demo of our spiciest scheduling, routing, and distribution tool today. 🌶 😎

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